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I don't want to

Posted Dec 02 2008 3:07am
I don't want to. Do you ever feel that way. Your laying in your comfy bed or its lunch time and you look at your workout bag and say, "I don't want to?" I know it's hard but you have to push through that and put that thought aside especially in the beginning of your training. Your tired, sore and it would just be easier to just skip a workout. Well skipping one can turn into two, then three and now the weeks gone and you didn't workout once. Where are you, back at square one. After doing this a couple years with success and failure one thing I have learned is you have to keep the train moving. You are not going to go from walking to running a race in a week. It takes time. The first couple weeks your going to be sore. Sorry that is the way it is, but the more you keep doing it the aches and pain start to go away and suddenly your in a rhythm or habit. Instead of waking up and going I have to run today your going to start looking forward to it. Yeah right. It's true. Suddenly you will start to look forward to your workouts and taking pride in the fact you stuck with it. Celebrate the little victories. My suggestion is to find a training plan in your ability range, commit to it and start doing it. Then start checking off the workouts. There is nothing better feeling than making a check mark next to to a workout or calendar. What even better is looking back in a couple months and see how your distance and pace has increased. A journey starts with one step, but you won't go any where if you keep stopping along the way and have to start over. Start and keep going at your pace. Don't worry about the other people. 

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