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I didn’t drop off the face of the earth!

Posted Jul 20 2011 11:05pm

Well it has been approx 3 weeks since my last post.  I know you were worried because you are all sweet and caring blog friends.  Have no fear, I’ve been busy enjoying summer in Chitown… which doesn’t allow for the hour a night I used to spend on the Running Lizard. What has also hindered my ability to update RL is the fact that my work has blocked all “blog” related sites.  This even includes Wikipedia and the Today Show’s website!  I can’t even read my other favorite blogs ! Terrible…. Terrible!

Here is what I’ve been doing that’s been tearing my away from my precious blog:

Thursday night softball.

We dominate at Union Park in the West Loop every Thurs night.

Trip to St. Louis! Word to the wise. Don’t ask for Miller Lite in this city.  I did. It wasn’t pretty.

Busch Stadium

Took this while driving. Don't tell the authorities.

With a stop on the drive home to see my friend Molly and her precious little girl!

Loving her bright blond hair!

A trip to Milwaukee to see Baby Elliot!

Hi! I'm John Elliot Heisler and I smile now! I am the cutest baby ever!

JEH with Aunt MKH

A visit from my mom, sister, aunt and cousin!

Aboard the lake and river tour

Cousins at Rosebud!

Dominated Fleet Feet’s  Women’s 5K in Montrose Harbor with my cousin.  Our time was slow, but it was oppressively hot… and I hadn’t completed a legit run in over a week. Result: 29.39.  No shame.

Sweating bullets and we hadnt even started... IT WAS HOT.

Nothing beats a race with a view of the lake... nothing!

Finished with out suffering a heat stroke. We win!

Various happy hours around the city… I can’t say no to a cold beer on a hot day. Southbranch is the only place where I took pics. So that’s the only bar you get to see.

Unlimited number of dudes in suits.

Can't say no.

More sneaky shots of the bar

Concert at Navy Pier… Heather wanted to see her fave band: Parachute. I just drank cold ones and pretended to know the words.

Heather = Super Fan.

Tweens love these guys.

So yeah… I’ve been doin’ stuff. What I haven’t be doin’ is running (minus the 5K), but I have been spinning, lifting and cross training.  Knee feels so much better since I’ve cut back on the running.  Perfect timing too… its been TOO HOT TO RUN. Heat index was 108 at 6:30 tonight. Not cool.

Aaaand I’m doin’ stuff this weekend too, which will prevent me from reporting on my whereabouts via Running Lizard.  I’m going down to St. Louis again. Yay!

Next week I’ll be back on a normal schedule (work, workout, blog, etc) so I will have more frequent posts again! You all (all 13 of you) can sleep easy again – Running Lizard is back! Ha!

Peace out!

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