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I Did Something Crazy

Posted Jan 08 2013 7:41am
I did something really crazy on Sunday.

I watched 4 hours of Speidi Montag's new reality show.

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Just kidding, I'm not THAT crazy. There isn't enough money or jelly beans (even the good kind) in the world to make me watch that #ish!

But I did officially register for my first Ultramarathon!!!

Checking goals off the list

The race I chose is a small inaugural race in Cape Breton, the Lou 52 . It's a trail ultra.. Admittedly, I've never run a trail race longer than 5k.. Why not, sounds like an excellent idea! The way I see it, this was never going to be easy. And the marathon I chose to run as my first was a difficult, hilly course and I survived that one with a smile on my face. So I will run my black & bloody heart out for the next 8 months, then I will tackle that race with everything I have. 

Sounds like a time!

I'm really happy with my choice of a race. It wasn't the one I was originally planning on running, but when I read more about this race, I was really moved by the story of the race (it's being organized by two brothers/ marathoners and their family in honour of their late mother, who battled ovarian cancer for 7 years) and it has so many unique, personal touches. I'm really excited to be a part of the inaugural running of this race. You can read more about it here . I'll be blogging about the whole experience of training for a first ultramarathon :)

I'm not gonna lie, this has something to do with my decision... 

Chocolate cake?! You had me at hello!

Ok so we've established that I'm insane and I'm going to run an Ultra. What now?

For the next 16 weeks (officially starting on Sunday!), I am officially training for marathon #2, checking New Brunswick off my list of marathons to run in every province. 

Taking a few easier months after the marathon in September was the right thing to do - I still ran a decent amount, but I didn't follow a formal training plan, I ran on trails when I felt like it and I ran for the love of it, not to achieve a certain pace, time or mileage. But now I'm itching to get back at it and to start training for the next marathon. 

Training for an Ultra will be different from marathon training in some ways, and not too different in others. Mostly, it's going to be important to make sure I run consistently, drink plenty of water, eat properly, stretch every day and probably some strength training to keep my hips strong (check out this awesome guest post on Strength Training for Distance Runners from a few months ago by the fabulous Debbie, who blogs at Live From LaQuinta !)

Also on my to do list over the next 8 months: learn to eat on the run! If I'm going to be running for 6+ hours, I'm going to need to refuel on the run... and keep it down. Luckily, I'm told I also get to eat lots of gummy bears and jelly beans on the run! YESS! Perhaps Ultras and I will be a match made in heaven after all?

I tried some yoga tonight to kick off the stretching... unfortunately my furriest little friend decided that 25 minutes was enough alone time for me and that it was her turn. She's pretty much a massive show off.

This really happened, I promise. Beside, my dog isn't nearly well-trained enough to do poser shots. However, she did put me to shame, her downward dogs are much better than mine!

What's your craziest goal you want to accomplish over the next few years?

Do you have a pet?

Do you do yoga?

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