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I Deadlifted my Body Weight

Posted Feb 08 2013 8:39am

Thursdays in CrossFit have become days to work on our sumo deadlifts. We’ve been focusing heavily on them in the lift portion of the class for the last three or four weeks, and every week, I have progressively lifted more weight.

When we started focusing on deadlifts a few weeks ago, we were doing five sets of five. Obviously, you had to use a lighter weight in order to complete all the reps. At the time, I think the most I lifted was somewhere around 93 pounds.

Sumo dead lifts at CrossFit

As the weeks have moved along, the number of reps per set have been cut down. Last week we did five sets of three, and I was able to hit a deadlift PR at 113 pounds.

Sumo dead lifts at CrossFit

Yesterday’s deadlift workout was five sets of two. That meant I could increase the weight again.

I was able to max out at 133 pounds — pretty much exactly my body weight. Boo-yah! Go me! Another deadlifting PR.

Sumo dead lifts at CrossFit

This whole being new to heavy lifting is awesome because I PR almost everything I do, as I learn what weights work well for me right now.

Sumo dead lifts at CrossFit
We ended yesterday’s workout with a butt ton of burpees.

Burpees for two minutes straight…followed by another minute of burpees…that’s just evil.

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