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I call it lazy leg buy my right leg (mostly) doesn't pick up very well sometimes and I end up tripping over nothing. It's reall

Posted by Lynn

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You may be a natural shuffler; I am. My feet only go a couple of inches off the ground. Shuffling is actually the most efficient way to do distance running. You might practice raising your knees higher when you run. However, unless you're on a team or are doing a lot of speed training, I wouldn't worry too much about shuffling. Sprinters need a lot of movement in their knees.
Your legs not coming up very much means you are not getting proper hip flexion and is a sign your hip function is compromised. This is all related to muscle imbalances that can be corrected with specific exercises. I would suggest getting the book The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion by Pete Egoscue. Follow the instructions carefully and notice after a couple weeks how your feet are lifting higher with less effort, your running becomes more efficient and you feel better overall. Let me know how it goes. Matt
It’s interesting that you mention the hips because if I do too much walking, like around the entire mall, my hips start to hurt.  It’s mostly on the inside at the ball and socket joint.  Also, I am 30 and of average height and weight and I’ve always had these issues. 
Lynn, Your hips hurting after walking is your body trying to get your attention  and let you know where the real problem is originating. You already know it's not your age, height, or weight that's causing your problem - it's just simple muscle imbalances. The best part about this is those muscles imbalances can be changed and restored to normal with simple exercises that are specific to your issues. Check out the book or give us a call at the clinic and we'll help you figure out how to get started. 503-350-0888 or
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