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I Ate An Ice Cream Sandwich for Breakfast (VLOG)

Posted Apr 26 2013 6:09pm

I completely ate an Ice Cream Sandwich for Breakfast… well, my “2nd breakfast” I had already eaten breakfast about 2 hours before hand…Don’t judge me!  It was delicious!!  Ice cream is my favorite and I’ve gotten TONS better at not eating it straight out of the tub for breakfast! ;)



I know most of you are completely over me talking about my knee pain but it’s affecting my life in a big way right now…  Here are some posts from a year ago when I started getting the pain in my knee: 4/13/124/18/124/22/125/4/12
Before you watch the vlog, I apologize for saying “anyways” and “so”  WAY too much!!  I think I was just nervous y’all wouldn’t like me or something ;)  Don’t hate me cuz you ain’t me! ;)  tehe!

Here’s a great article from Runner’s World that resonates with my injury… Who knows, it could just be Runner’s Knee… but for some reason I was thinking the pain related to that would be more like the actual knee or just under it for some reason…Hopefully balancing the muscles in my legs (quads especially) and working on my hips will solve this problem! :)

Have you ever had a knee injury?  What’d you do to get better?
Have you ever eaten ice cream for breakfast?  Be honest! ;)
Any of you racing this weekend?  Which race?  Good luck!!


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