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I am not good at perceived exertion when running

Posted Apr 20 2013 5:08pm
I was so happy to get out for a run in the sunshine this morning… it was breezy but just an absolutely beautiful day with all the trees here in bloom and the Spring flowers showing their finest colors.

We ran the same 5.55 km that I ran solo last week and it felt quite a bit easier than when I was alone, keeping an eye on my HRM.  But when I checked my watch, we had finished in a full minute and a half less.  Obviously I have no real concept of perceived exertion or time, when it comes to running anyway.

Did it feel easier because I had someone to talk to along the way, and wasn’t just thinking about my heart rate?   I would have thought that it would be harder, with using some of my breath for talking, not just running.  And I did 10/1 run/walk breaks today, too, which you think would take longer than just running.

W3 R42.5 @10/1 W3

When we got in I decided to make smoothies for both of us.  I used chocolate protein powder for The Captain’s and mixed it with a cup of ice cold water and a piece of an orange that I had pulverized in the food processor before mixing it into the smoothie.

Apr 20 Smoothies 001
I think that the bit of pulp in it made the smoothie even thicker… and he loved the chocolate and orange flavor… said it tasted like one of the those Terry’s Chocolate Oranges that we see at Christmas here.. and smash into individual segments to eat.
Apr 20 Smoothies 002
I made mine with some leftover cooked sweet potato, a couple of tablespoons of dried egg white, a bit of cinnamon, and 3/4 cup of original unsweetened Almond Breeze.  It was wonderful and thick… and kept hunger for lunch at bay for about 3 hours.
Apr 20 Smoothies 003
Are you good at telling how hard you are working when you run?  Any hints for  me?
Is is Spring at your house yet? What are your favorite signs?
What is your favorite after-run snack?
Inquiring minds want to know!
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