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I am going to run my first marathon this weekend at Ottawa, Canada. Any last tips to run it strong?

Posted by wendy

I have been training with the FIRST method and I can say it was really convenient to follow (not at all easy, but fun to do!) This week is the last one before the marathon, and I am starting to feel a little tiny bit uneasy... any advices?
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The craziness of the start can leave the end of your race what it shouldn't be.

Don't go out too fast is the biggest piece of advice I can give you.  You'll have some gas in the tank at the end that way.  Make yourself slow it up a bit and don't let the crowd pull you into the frenzy of going out at a pace that isn't yours in the first few miles.

Your training is done now.  Relax.  Don't do too much and know you have done the perfect amount to have the great time out there on your marathon course!

K9 Coach

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Thanks so much! My challenge has been always trying to slow down at the first half because usually at the last half I am dying. I will try to do my best... :)

I always think of it like my savings account.  If I take all my money out as soon as I put it in there, I'll have nothing left when I really need it!

Relax and enjoy your journey to 26.2.  It's a really cool achievement.

K9 Coach

Project Happiness:  Dog As Training Partner

Don't do anything differently. Dont try new foods or new clothes or anything. Just stick to what you know. 

If you see an empty port a potty, USE IT. Even if you don't feel like you have to go, try.

SMILE! This was the greatest advice I've ever gotten. I had to force it at first but by the end, it felt so natural. People were cheering and smiling back. It helped! 

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