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I am a runner. More stories from runners.

Posted Oct 17 2008 9:14pm

I am a runner.

This weeks roll call of "I am a runner" include some great stories!  As you stroll through the blogosphere today, here are a few runners to visit to hear them say Run_sign"I am a runner".

  • Announced by Joe after a few months he started to run and is "really loving it".
  • Realized by Micki as she had to hold herself back from a run after watching a couple of runners go by.
  • Decided by Ann after she ran her first race
  • Shared excitedly by Celeste
  • Questioned by runningkate who was feeling like a running imposter at one moment for her low miles
  • Well said by BSC as she admits it to herself
  • Passed on by Sandy as she thanks her mom for helping her become a runner
  • Confirmed by Rosie as she hopes to come back from a running break
  • And by David as he rediscovered he is a runner

As runners, we don't throw around these words randomly - they are like an coveted award.     The hesitation in granting ourselves this title isn't because of what we have achieved but more around what we believe we haven't done or should do.       

In these stories, the runners awarded this honored badge to themselves for many unique reasons.  The common thread in the stories is that they run and they have recognized a change in themselves because of running.  Somewhere along the way it changed from merely an activity to a piece of who they are now.  

If you run, you are a runner.   It remains this simple to me.  Your goals may take time to accomplish.   The changes you hope for can take even longer.   It is about the activity as much as it is a state of mind.    If you are on the journey, then you are a runner.   Welcome yourself to the club, have a seat, tell your story.   There is no secret handshake or password.  I promise to waive the membership fees and you don't have to use the podium. tell, are you a runner?    

Photo of run sign by sugar kitten

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