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I’ve never been so happy about 2.5 miles in my life!

Posted Aug 27 2012 7:00am

My hips have been feeling pretty good for the most part and have been feeling stronger as I do more yoga. I felt it was time to do another run. So yesterday before lunch, I did a 2.5 mile run! I literally was all smiles the entire way! I could not believe that my hips had no issues! Well, towards the end it felt like if I went farther my left hip would start to hurt, but I made sure to stop. I didn’t want to go more than 2.5 anyways-I didn’t want to push it! I ended up using Runkeeper to track my workout since I don’t have a Garmin anymore (old one broke) and I’m growing to like this app. I still want to get a Garmin for when I get into longer training, but I don’t mind using Runkeeper for getting back into the groove of things.

After my run, I made sure to stretch properly. I did a few stretches outside, foam rolled, and then did a YogaGlo 30 minute workout by Tiffany Cruikshank called “Athletic Recovery”. The workout was not meant to be a fast paced workout, but a deep stretch. I have been becoming so addicted to yoga because I feel my muscles getting stretches so much deeper than I would get just doing my usual post run stretching. It also has been motivating me to strengthen more because I realized how weak I am! Those one-legged poses are killer! After my yoga, I was really motivated to keep strengthening so I did the P90x ab ripper x! I’m coming back stronger and INJURY FREE for my next marathon!

I refueled with some homemade lunch, Dave and I went food shopping and I made THREE meals for this week: a veggie quiche, crock pot sesame chicken and prepped the pineapple chicken kebabs that we love so much.

Then while I waited for Dave to get back from his long run, I did a little more work. It was nice to break up my work with some around-the-house type of work so I don’t feel like my life is a mess. Sometimes when my personal space is a mess, I feel like my mind is a mess!  We relaxed with our fave dinner  Caribbean Chicken and Pineapple Kebabs with Banana Salad .

Dave ran 14 miles yesterday and he really wanted dessert.  We went to iYo…I think this is going to start to kill my wallet! But it was worth it.  I know what it is like to run a hard long run and then need some sort of food reward!

Do you need your space to be clean in order to be productive?

Cleaning is usually my first way to procrastinate from doing work! I guess it’s a good thing, right?

Do you sometimes prep food ahead of time for a busy week?

This week is going to be hectic for me, so I needed do whatever I could to make the weekdays less stressful! I want to worry about getting my work done and a my workout in-not about getting food ready! If I don’t prep food ahead of time, we often end up eating out!


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