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I’ve Developed Dead Legs

Posted Apr 26 2011 10:16am

It has happened again.  The wall approached and I have smack straight into it again.  Not only am I have some serious running motivational issues right now, but I am also feeling banged up.  I am in a period now where running isn’t fun, doesn’t feel right and hurts.

In baseball pitchers can develop a “dead arm”, this happens with repetitive motion and forces, causing the pitched to loose velocity.  For me, I guess I’ve fallen into a “dead legs” period.  I’ve been running pretty hard since November and already have 2 half marathons under my belt.  I think this “dead legs” period came just after my first visit to Boulder where Coach Jerry and I went at it pretty hard for an entire weekend, capped off by a half marathon at altitude.  Since then I just haven’t felt 100% on any run; and I am now going on a month.  I’ve definitely been burning the candle at both ends.

So, what am I going to do about it?  Well, for starters I am going to suck it up and get to Marisa, from Runner Therapy, and get this stupid hip flexor worked on.  This has been the cause of pain during my runs over the past few months.  It comes it goes, it gets better than worse.  Gotta get this taken care of.  Part of this “rehab” will be taking off from weekday runs, getting my cardio fix on the bike or elliptical.

Next, as David from @RunningBecause likes to say, I am going “naked”.  That is right, when I get back out there I am ditching the watch.  It is time to bring it back to center and start listening to my body.  It is still early in the year and I want to make sure that I am building a foundation of good habits for the rest of the year.  Form not speed.  Gotta bring the fun and enjoyment back into my running.  I’ve let that slip away recently.

As the weather becomes nicer and the days stay longer I am going to want to get out there and run. I must stick to the plan and focus on regaining my strength, form and healthy legs.

What do you do when you develop “dead legs”? How often during the year will you take some time off from running? Do you ever run “naked”?

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