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I’ve Been Cage’d

Posted May 21 2013 9:23am

As I mentioned yesterday, I was away pretty much away all of last week.  I sadly had barely seen my friends the week prior to last which meant almost two full weeks without hanging out with my friendies. It was hard and I missed them.

BUT, being the wonderful friends they are, they left me a little prezzie to come home to….


Walking into a dark apartment at 9:30 PM after staying in The Ghost Suite all week and seeing this is absolutely horrifying.


And the absolute best feeling after missing your friends for two weeks.


Knowing that they spent all that time printing (AND going to Kinko’s), annoying PartyDog to come over and do this AND actually doing it blows my mind.


Now, I can honestly say that I thought I would be the first one to Cage one of my friends, but man they got me good.


I am beyond impressed by how thorough they were.


And I’m fairly certain I will be finding little Nic Cage’s hiding all over my apartment for the next few days.


Of course there are some I will never take down, like this one, my absolute favorite:


I mean wouldn’t you rather be in a love picture with Nic Cage than PartyDog?

It’s weird to me that I’ve friends that match my weirdness AND creepiness.  It’s also weird that when I was standing there, admiring their work, I’ve I felt so loved. Thank you Loop Looks , Linds , Katie and Emily for being the best friends a gal could ask for!

That’s all the nonsense I have for now!

Tell me a good prank that’s happened between you and your friends!

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