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I’m Totes a Professional Boxer Now

Posted Feb 21 2013 7:11am

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday but you are about to see just why there was no post…

I need to tell you about my latest Living Social deal I bought:

{The best part about buying these deals is that when you buy as many as I do, you typically get vouchers (aka I paid a lot less than $64.00 for this deal). }

I’ve been interested in taking boxing classes for a while now. I’ve always heard it’s an amazing workout that gets you strong FAST. Which is what I’m all about people-BEING STRONG. I mean look at all these muscles:

As you can see, I’m all about muscles which is why I bought this deal….. Now, I’ve taken a lot of different fitness classes but i can honestly say I’ve never been nervous to take a class before. I’m fit and in shape so I figure I can at least get through the workout-this one however I wasn’t so sure about.

I’ve taken three classes now- Boxing, Kick-Boxing and Boxing 101 and have felt absolutely exhausted after each one.  During the class while I’m punching the bags and “accidentally” punching my friend who’s taking these classes with me, I felt like I had enough energy to take over the world. You’re punching, you’re kicking, you’re feeling straight up baddass (sorry mom) and the fact that your arms are shaking and feeling like jello doesn’t cross your mind once.  It’s awesome.

When you get home however, or wake up the next morning, that’s a completely different story.  The mere thought of typing up a blog post Tuesday night post-boxing class seemed like the end of the world to me (hence the no post).  I mean when you’re considering staying on the bus at 8:45 at night to avoid getting off and walking the block to your apartment, you know you’ve had an amazing workout.

The best part is the people that work at LA Boxing are so incredibly nice and accommodating. Sure it smells like a sweaty old jock strap and it’s crazy busy, but that’s part of the whole boxing experience   I really love it and will be super sad when my deal of unlimited classes expires (it’s way to $$$$ for me to continue up with it) but I definitely recommend giving it a try! The first class is free so there’s nothing to lose. I would also recommend going with a friend-boxing is sorta intimidating and the people that workout there are hardcore so having a friend to go with has definitely made it more comfortable and WAY more fun. Be warned people-these classes are NO joke, you get wrapped and wear gloves and everything…basically what I’m trying to say is I’m ready to fight Mike Tyson now.

So give it a try, and then let’s fight. And hug and makeup.

That’s all the nonsense I have for now!

Have you ever tried boxing?

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