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I’m Officially a Freak

Posted Mar 16 2012 9:20am

Blech. That’s all I have to say about my doctor’s appointment at The Running Institute .  Let’s be honest here, I went in expecting to be told to take time off, but actually hearing it is a whole nother thing.  I’m still trying to process everything he told me so that’s why it’s taken me a few days to blog about it (thank you everyone for asking how I am though!). So let’s cut to the chase: what’s wrong with my trusty ole ankle?

Apparently I have an extra bone in my ankle.  The official name of this condition:  Os Trigonum Syndrome .  See this:

That bone is not normal to have.  Naturally that  means I would  have it. In both ankles.  However, the bone in the right ankle is actually split/chipped.  So this extra bone is now causing me even more problems since the stupid thing is chipped.  Which means that it’s causing me all sorts of issues with the surrounding tendons and whatever else is there: in my case probably the other 23902 extra bones I have in my body.

Treatment Part 1: 2 full weeks off of running in addition to my 2 weeks I have already taken.  Somehow Dr. Chin knew from the start how stubborn I am because he kept repeating  to me: “Kelsey seriously, 2 weeks no running. I’m not even kidding, not even 1 mile.”  OK OK, I get it. Sorta.

Treatment Part 2: Rework my training plan.  I was following this Hal Higdon program and adding additional rest weeks between long run weeks.  Apparently though, running back to back days for weeks is not great for injury prone new runners (aka me) so this program is not right for me.  Also noted was that I am over training.  For a my first half in June and my first full in October I shouldn’t be at 13+ miles right now for a long run but more around 6-7. I’m definitely not going to cut down to that much but I will cut down obvi.

Treatment Part 3: Change up cross training.  What? When I’m not running I live on the bike and elliptical.  Sadly I can’t do those everyday either since they both do the same motion over and over again similar to running.  Looks like I’ll have to come to terms with my hatred of swimming. Maybe someone could put a bowl of Caesar salad in-front of me on a string and I’ll just swim towards it over and over?

Treatment Part 4: Eat more protein.  I’ve had this issue in the past and know that I need to eat more protein.  I’m not vegetarian, but I stick to chicken and fish, only 1-2 times a week and don’t really make a point to supplement protein otherwise.  All I can say is in 2 weeks plan on me looking like this:

More protein please…

My reaction:  Obviously I’m not too happy about this. And obviously I blame my parents for making me this way! Why did you have to put an extra bone in me Ma and Pa? WHY?? Seriously though, it could be worse, but knowing that stupid lil bone is there for good makes me angry.  I don’t really enjoy talking about this so I probably won’t blog about this much because that means I actually have to think about it.

If you are looking for a doctor though, I highly recommend Dr. Chin at the Running Institute. He spent 2 hours with me people. 2 hours with me! Annnnnddd he was even nice to me the entire time despite all the dirty looks I gave him and the 45 minutes I spent arguing with him. ..

What does this all mean you ask? It means I have been officially diagnosed as a freak of nature with my extra bones.

That’s all the nonsense I have for now! Tell me something good! What exciting plans do you have this weekend?

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