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HPTP (Day 1, Week 1): My Cat Thinks He's My Personal Trainer! ;-)

Posted Oct 18 2008 2:34pm

This morning, first thing after popping out of bed, I did Day 1 of Week 1 of the Hundred Pushups Training Program ( HPTP ), (yes, I love making up abbreviations!).

Day 1 is supposed to be 2, 5, & 8 pushups, although I ended up doing 5, 5, & 8 (girl-style) pushups. (The plan allows up to 5 pushups for the first set/interval, so I decided to do them. After all, it was only 3 more pushups & I knew I could easily complete them.)

I have to say that the first day felt almost a bit too easy, but I know that I better appreciate today's workout, because from everything my runner-blogger pals are telling me (especially Eric G., Andrew, & Cymrusteve, etc.), it's going to get a lot harder from here on out! ;-)

One amusing little aside: When I was doing my pushups this morning, my Balinese cat, Java, decided that this would be a great time to rub up against my arms, right around the elbows! He started doing this during the last two interval sets, & it certainly made it more challenging to keep a good pushup formation. ;-) Thanks, Java, for adding in the extra challenge. ;-)

Java has also become Erik's morning stretching buddy too. ;-) It's rather hilarious to see them stretching on the floor together. Erik will lie down & stretch out on the floor, & Java mirrors him by rolling over on his back and stretching out his entire body. Of course, the only difference is that Erik goes out & runs afterward, while Java goes off to his usual corner & sleeps! ;-)

This behavior reminds me of Castaway's post (from earlier this year) about how, during his yoga workout, his dog would meet his "downward facing dog" with an "upward facing dog" & would then sniff his face! ;-)

It seems that chimps & humans aren't the only ones in the animal kingdom who mirror each other. ;-)

Our Balinese cat & "exercise buddy," Java, in one of his various "stretching" formations.

Java really seems to enjoy hanging out with both Erik & I whenever we do any sort of warm-ups or exercises around the house. He obviously wants to feel included & likes to be part of whatever's going on -- whatever the activity (!), & will often try to "help" or "participate," albeit in his own particular fashion.

Java's "sister," Cleo -- a traditional "applehead" Siamese -- will sometimes hang out from a safe distance (usually from underneath a piece of furniture!) & watch us stretch & workout, but unlike her "brother," she'll never join in. ;-) However, like a typical Siamese, she'll chime in every now & then to let us know what she thinks!

Our cat Cleo, just being her cute little self. Due to the multiple vocal "intonations" of her "conversational" style, Erik has dubbed her "three-tone Cle-tone." ;-)

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