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How to Sprout Lentils and Humble Warrior

Posted Jan 28 2013 12:53am
  Rainy gloomy day spent inside.  Thats ok.  I can BYOS.  Bring Your Own Sunshine!  I know that preparing food, good music, and some yoga with my family doing their thing around me is where the good life is.

  This is one of the poses from yesterday that I waited to do until today and Im glad I did.  It was fitting considering the weather.

Marichyasana III~Bound Marichis Pose~ it means "a ray of light"

   Humble Warrior pose is delicious!  It is humbling, opens the heart, and stretches the legs and hips.  Its also a balance pose.  Its a full body work full of goodness.   This is the first time I have done it.   After reading about it, I am looking forward to doing it again as I read that there is a tendency to kick the hip out to give you more room and the hips are supposed to be square.  I am not sure if I did that or not.

  Being a self taught yogi is tricky.  It is also lonely at times.  I have great online yoga teacher friends however and I do like that I am doing this on my own for now.  I want to learn more about he anatomy and correct form.  I kinda geek on correct form.   I like knowing I have so much to learn.  It will keep me busy for the rest of my life!

Baddha Virabhadrasana~ Humble Warrior

 Another way to combat the gloomy day is to make vlogs and grow things.   Here is a video I made today about how to sprout lentils.  Kitchen gardens are a lovely all year round project and very easy to maintain.

Angie Bee
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