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How to eat more healthy

Posted Jan 25 2013 5:50pm

I’ve been doing pretty well this year as far as eating better.  While I haven’t exactly improved the type of eating that I do, chew-your-food my normal eating patterns are not awful since I do eat vegetables and minimize meat consumption.  I do however, have a few bad habits.  Mostly, I eat too much when food is around, ingest too many calories from liquids and eat a lot of empty calories.

Since January 1, 2013, I have managed to lose almost 12 pounds.

How?  I don’t know.  I think it is a combination of two things.

1.  I’m eating less

2.  I’m drinking no calories

Both of these lead to weight loss.

But these changes just demonstrate that I previously had bad habits that lead to weight gain.  Hopefully, after sticking to this challenge (no calorie drinking) it will prompt a lifestyle change in the future.  But there are other tricks to healthy eating as this Web MD article suggests .  Here is a summary of their tips.

1.  Avoid emotional eating.  If you eat when you’re depressed, sad, or even happy, this is an unhealthy eating habit.  A good way to stop it is to keep a food journal.  Write down everything that you eat and this additional knowledge can help prevent future emotional eating episodes.

2.  Avoid unhealthy foods.  It’s always easy to get food that is not healthy such as candy bars, chips, soda, and fast food.  Now, I don’t believe these things are inherently unhealthy but they do pack a lot of calories and if that’s all you’re eating, that is not good.  To prevent yourself from eating these things just stick to one rule…don’t bring them into your house.  Make it difficult to get unhealthy foods.

3.  Don’t eat fast.  Often you are eating on the run.  This means that you will choose foods that are quick to get and fast to eat.  Unfortunately, those foods are generally less healthy than foods that take a little longer to eat.  Slow down!  Schedule time for eating and take your time.  This will help prevent your fast eating bad habits.

4.  Don’t be confused.  When food says “fat free’ or ‘sugar free’ you need to remain skeptical.  Those are just marketing terms to trick you into eating food that may not be healthy for you.  The number one thing to check on any food label is the calories.  Weight loss boils down to a simple formula

If calories in < calories expended you will lose weight.

If calories in > calories expended you will gain weight.

So, whether something has carbs or sugars or fats or whatever it doesn’t matter.  Count calories and your weight will take care of itself.

Of course, in addition to eating healthy amounts of food you can double your results by exercising every day.  And is there a better exercise than joggling?  I don’t think

Joggle on!

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