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How to create sore legs by running

Posted Mar 05 2012 9:30pm

The Chicago marathon last October was the last time I ran double digit miles. One reason was because I was trying to rest and heal my plantar fasciitis. Another was because I didn’t have plans to do any races.

But the thing about long distance running is that in your mind you never loose the notion that you could just go run a distance that you’ve done before. For example, even though I haven’t run the distance since 2207, I still have it in my mind that I can run 50 miles whenever I wanted. I have the same notion about the marathon distance, half marathon, ten miles, etc.

Of course, yesterday’s half marathon demonstrated that I was able to do it, but the pain in my legs makes me question whether I should have done it. It also makes me question whether I could run 26 or 50 miles.

Probably not.

The other thing that I wonder about is how long it takes to lose the endurance in your legs. For me, 4 months of averaging 2.5 miles a day is a long enough time to lose my long distance leg endurance. I can still run the distance but slower and it hurts more.

On the plus side, the pain in my leg muscles has displaced the pain in my foot so I got that going for me.

Joggle on!

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