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How Running has Jumpstarted My Freelance Writing Career – Guest Post

Posted Aug 28 2012 11:00am

Today I’d like you all to welcome Susan, an avid runner, freelance writer, and mom, who is going to share how running has helped her in her freelance writing career. Since I think we all can agree that exercise definitely impacts both your social and work life positively, I thought this article was a good fit for the blog :)

As a stay-at-home mother with three kids and a husband bringing in a teacher’s salary, I decided it was necessary for me to build potential income streams so that I could help my family financially. I’ve always enjoyed writing and I’m very passionate about several topics, including education, politics, feminism and healthcare. After conducting some research online, I discovered that I could work as a remote freelance writer through various online platforms, including oDesk and Elance . I figured this could work out very well for me! I could take care of my kids and create my own daily writing schedule. This would allow me to bring in some money without having to hire a babysitter or pay for child care services.

My journey into the world of freelance writing did not start off as I expected. I had a difficult time finding clients who had interesting writing assignments for me and were willing to provide adequate compensation for my work. I also had a tough time focusing on the writing assignments that I did receive from a few reputable clients. I did, however, receive praise for a piece I wrote that dealt with the amazing health benefits of engaging in vigorous, consistent cardiovascular exercise. I conducted research on my own to write this article, and I decided to put what I wrote into practice. The results have been nothing short of spectacular.

Adults require at least two hours and 30 minutes, or 150 minutes, of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . I decided to start running every morning for 30 minutes before dropping my kids off at school. I discovered a fascinating book through my research that discusses how exercise boosts brain power. This book is Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School , written by Dr. John J. Medina, a molecular biologist who has a deep fascination with how the mind reacts to and organizes information.

I learned that aerobic exercise improves cognition by increasing oxygen flow into the brain, which enhances mental sharpness. Medina discusses an important study featuring two elderly populations that had led markedly different lifestyles, one sedentary and one active. Exercise was found to positively impact executive function, spatial tasks, reaction times and quantitative skills.

Additionally, it is well-known that exercise can positively impact one’s mood. There are four primary neurochemicals that affect mood: Serotonin, Epinephrine, Dopamine and Endorphine. Exercise has a positive effect on all four of these neurochemicals, which means that regular exercise can serve as a natural source of stress relief and mood enhancement. was initially a challenge waking up early in the morning to go running, but the benefits have been phenomenal.

Running early in the morning for 30 minutes has absolutely jumpstarted my freelance writing career. I feel so much stronger both mentally and physically since I started running. This has allowed me to produce higher quality writing pieces for my clients. It’s amazing what I can dish out with a clear mind! I’m so much more focused all throughout the day by running first thing in the morning. My clientele has expanded significantly since I started this routine a few months ago, and I’m thrilled with where I am today!

Susan Hamilton is a proud wife and mother of three, freelance writer and web content coordinator for . Susan loves running early in the morning and working as a freelance writer during the day.

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