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How many miles of jogging equal mile of swimming?

Posted by Runningtheclockback

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I really don't know but there is no relationship between swimming and jogging as thegcube says. I am totally agree with thegcube.
In calories? THERE IS NO OTHER RELATIONSHIP between the two. swimming burns more calories in the same distane and time because there is greater risistance yet swimming is more of an anerobic activity and builds more lactic acid while the water signals your body to retain more fat. Outstanding workout that needs to be combine with other workouts to be really effective for weight loss but is that the goal you have in mind? running does not work as many muscle groups as swimming. runners never get the upper body shoulders like swimmers but I dont know the answer to how many miles of jogging equals swimming. 
I've heard that 1 mi of running = 400m swimmg
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