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How I waste time on a rainy day

Posted Jun 17 2011 3:37am

HELLOOO friends!! *EDITED TO ADD: Sorry guys my internet was down yesterday night, so this is yesterday’s post! I’ll be back later for my Friday Faves!! Open-mouthed smile*


Ok, I LOVE all your comments on my Facebook wall and the reasons why you are beautiful on my giveaway post !! I agree with them all 10000x over!! You are seriously all such BEAUTIFUL people!!


Let’s have some food time. I have been craving oats SO much recently! And I always honour my cravings Winking smile


Banana oatmeal with raisins and almond butter.


My favourite snack today…


Oats In A (not very empty) Jar!! Oat bran in an almond butter jar, topped with jam. My oats NEVER fit in these small jars, so there was a lot of overflow which also found it’s way into my belly somehow Smile


Aaaaand inspired by the lovely Amanda I had my first ever SAVOURY OATS!! Not gonna lie, I was a bit scared beforehand. I mean, I’m a sweet girl ALL THE WAY (not that you knew that already or anything…) so savoury oats just seemed weird to me! But I love trying new things, so… DSC00762 Savoury Oatmeal!! With nooch, hummus and lots of salt! (Salt really helped the transition here! Smile with tongue out) I also found an avocado in my fridge afterwards to that joined the party too. I actually LOVED it! Ok, I still prefer sweet (obviously!), but savoury is pretty darn good! I think I’m gonna channel my Inner Amanda next time and try sweet AND savoury together, so some jam and maybe even chocolate chips will join it! CRAZY TIMES!! Open-mouthed smile


So today was a rainy day. Do you like rain? I’m not a fan I’m afraid. Especially when it’s been like this two days running… DSC00811

But I believe in making the most of every situation. Especially when it gives me an excuse to bake… DSC00805

HEALTHY PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES!! I made them yesterday, and I won’t embarrass myself by telling you how many are left! Smile with tongue out These fuelled me for my first workout today. Seriously, fuel of champions. I know this is Paula Radcliffe’s big secret, so she’d better watch her back cos in 5 days time I will be back, but even better because I will have PB cookies in my belly. They make me look like this:


So first workout today (I am loving two-a-days at the moment! Getting ready for hard training in my first ever ‘season’ for XC, woop!)




And then I came home, and bonded with my beloved Criminal Minds whilst stretching out…


Please don’t ask me why I’m such a weirdo.


After watching waaaay too much TV, I got the baking itch again. So I raided my kitchen for some ideas, and guess what I found?


Overripe bananas!! Wahoo!! I then remembered drooling over the banana bread in Amanda ’s posts (no, I’m not obsessed with her or anything… Winking smile ) I whipped up her recipe for it! DSC00819

Best. Banana. Bread. EVER!! Warm and topped with almond butter, it made an AMAZING pre-BodyPump snack! DSC00830

Carbs and fats together. My two favourites. After Pump, I needed more CARBS. I threw in protein too for good measure… DSC00786

Wholewheat spaghetti with vegan bolognese. And a bowl of broccoli on the side (unpictured) because I love that green goodness.


And FYI I didn’t take my Bondi Band off all day today. I think I’m in love with it. NO SWEAT dripping in my eyes in either workout today!! Open-mouthed smile


And did you notice on this photo that I did a NORMAL SMILE?! It takes a lot of effort for me to not pull a Crazy-Excited face you know Winking smile


Oooh and I just remembered I did a guest post about my running story over on Sara’s blog so please check it out here and leave me some comment love!!


What have you been craving a lot of recently? Oats oats oats! With a side of oats.


What are your favourite things to do on a rainy day? And friends who live in cool places like Texas or somewhere PLEASE don’t rub your hot sunny weather in my face or I will cry.


Random Q: What is your fave: carbs, fats or protein? Carbs and fats. Although I try to get all three in every meal, for me it’s all about the carbs and fats!


Love y’all, have a great day!! And don’t forget to check out my guest post too!! Thank ya!! <3

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