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How I Stopped My Excessive Yawning Problem

Posted Jan 22 2010 7:19am

A reader of JYAJ asked me for some tips about yawning and how to stop. You might recall that some time ago I mentioned that I had an excessive yawning problem. I don’t exactly know why the problem seems to have faded but here is what I told him. Maybe these tips will work for you too.yawning baby

. There is a remote possibility it could be indicative of a brain tumor, but my doctor didn’t think so. Some blood tests I had didn’t show any abnormalities, so I never took an MRI which could rule this out. A brain tumor is a highly remote possibility but you might not want to completely dismiss it. Truthfully, the doctor wasn’t much help when it came to my yawning problem.

. It often seemed that when I drank soda and seltzer water, I would yawn more. There wasn’t a direct correlation but for some reason I thought maybe there was a connection. In the last year I drank 40% less carbonated beverages and my yawning problems have practically vanished. I still yawn, just not in the same, excessive way.

. The other possibility is that you can just get used to the feeling and ignore it. Yawning can be controlled so maybe I just trained myself not to do it anymore.

Those are my thoughts. Like I said, I don’t really know what worked but something helped reduce the amount that I yawn. Take heart however, you are not alone. Take a look at this yawning discussion on Medhelp for other people that have the same problem.

There doesn’t seem to be any consensus on what causes it or how to stop it.

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