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How I Love Running in the Rain

Posted May 22 2011 12:00am
(insert sarcasm) I love running in the rain, okay not really but I had to give myself a pep talk to get out there and get in a long run today.  Although by the time I got out and started running it was only sprinkling a little bit, but I came prepared!!  I brought extra mittens and socks and stashed them in my mailbox.  Luckily I didn't need them.  I ran twelve miles today and got pretty lucky, I only ran in downpour type rain for about half of a mile.  It then let up and pretty much quit raining.  I was in full rain gear though, which was a little warm, but I was cold without it.  I took off and put on my rain pants three times before I just decided to leave them off.

Here are how my mile splits looked.  A little slower than I would have liked it to be, but considering the wind and the rain I'll take it. Also I am so excited because I finally figured out how to take a screen shot so now my Garmin pictures can look like this
Instead of this.  I was taking a picture of my computer screen.  I am such a computer dummy! 

It has been raining here like crazy.  Creeks that are normally dry are washing out roads, there are road closures all over the area.  My Grandma's road washed out, she has no way to drive out. A one ton culvert that was under her road is now 100 yards away in the hay fields.   I can't imagine how much worse it is along the Mississippi if we have it this bad here with our little creeks and rivers that are flooding.

My husband and I were busy yesterday driving around surveying the damage and checking out the flooding. 

 This little creek is Squaw Creek, it normally is nothing more than a little trickle of water.
We drove over this bridge and the water was right up to the bottom of it, my Dad drove to the bridge later in the day and watched it and large chunks of pavement go down the creek.  It hasn't flooded like this here since my Dad was in high school, so pretty impressive for all of us.

The picture below is of some mud slides on the road down to my parents house.  We had a soaker last week, now this one and the ground is setting up right for some sliding mud! Hopefully the road doesn't slide away.

And finally here is what the kids thought of being flood watcher!  Not impressed to say the least, though at least when they were sleeping they quit asking when we were going to go home!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I was just so happy to get outside and get my run in!
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