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How I Learned to Love Winter Training in Los Angeles

Posted Dec 09 2009 12:00am

x2_5bbc18You know what winter in L.A. means? Gasp! Sleeves!

But in all seriousness, we have hit a cold front here (we’re talking 30s-40s most of the morning). Now, I’m not writing about this to boo hoo hoo our weather, I think it’s perfect, actually. And with the LA Marathon coming up and my disdain for the treadmill stronger than ever, I’ve bumped up my mileage significantly this week. So far so good…

However, there are some Angelenos (I won’t name names) who may not be as get up and go to bear the cold… So say you’re looking to do a Spring Marathon and need to up your mileage and happen to be spoiled in the City of Angels – and also hate the gym – want to know what to do for those 5am wake up calls? A few tricks for you:

1) Don’t think. Set the alarm for 5am or whatever time you need to get up to do your run. Alarm goes off, just remember that you DON’T have a choice in the matter – and that whole achy feeling… that’s just fear. Unless you need to see a doctor, don’t fake yourself into feeling an “injury” coming on.

2) LAYERS are your friend. Tech long sleeve, tech tee, and sweatshirt on top. Beanies… if you find yourself needing to unlayer (de-layer?) after a few miles, I would suggest buying a fleece or running jacket with removeable sleeves so you can pop them off and stuff them in your pockets during the run (I’m sure no one likes to carry clothes and if you are a guy are least likely to wrap a sweater around your waist). I frankly keep all my layers on, I sweat like a beast but hey, it beats the cold…

3) GET A BUDDY. This time last winter I ran with my friend Meagan 2-3x a week and that not only kept me accountable to our runs but made sure I was doing the runs on my own (even upped my mileage – so I could be in tip top shape to be able to run with her). This winter I have another running partner, who is faster and not as forgiving as Meagan was with my pace. It’s a good pressure and it’s nice to have someone to talk to about running specific trials and tribulations. I like the 50/50 solo runs and run with buddy.

4) Make a plan and STICK to it. This goes back to point 1) I mean what are runner’s mentalities anyway “Just Do It.”

5) Pre-run hot drink! I used to treat myself to a latte or other fancy and caloric coffee type drink before my Meagan runs since they were always so damned early. If you’re not a coffee drinker, have a hot cocoa or tea before your run – it’s fast and you won’t have to wake up earlier to get one.

Need more? Feel free to leave a comment with questions!

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