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How a tribe in the mountains helped my running

Posted May 30 2011 10:43pm

I have always been a bad runner. I don’t have a natural talent for it, and always seemed to end up with sore ankle & knee joints whenever I gave it a crack.

A while ago, I decided that running was a weakness of mine, and that I should try and overcome it. I knew that I would have problems as soon as I started picking it up again, so I started looking into different advice, techniques and looking for the right shoes.

The one article that has always stayed in my mind was an article I read in  Men’s Health  (if I can find it again I will post). The article was talking about a group of isolated native people living in the mountains of South-east Asia (don’t recall exactly where). The article was talking about how these people for many years, have used running as their main mode of transport.

What impressed me about these people wasn’t the fact that they ran everywhere, but it was the terrain that they were moving through. These were huge, steep, rocky, rugged mountains they were getting around on, with little or no set paths. Oh, and they had no shoes… no shoes! Some of them had a single piece of leather strapped to the soles of their feet, but most had nothing.

To see how these tips I learnt from this helped my running, checkout the full article here.

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