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Hope is Alive! Well, th ...

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:00am

Hope is Alive!

Well, there is good news and bad news; I don't have plantar fascitis or a stress fracture, so I'm relieved I won't have to wear the massive boot with my dress slacks for the next six weeks. In fact, what is wrong with my foot is so atypical and rare, I kind of feel special!!! Gosh, I love that. My sports doctor is one of the nicest doctors I've ever met. He's a put-em-in-your-pocket little fast dude with a permanent smile. He's incredibly smart and does his best to make sure your running goals are realized. If I have one criticism, it is he talks so fast I don't have time to comprehend his instructions, but he'll repeat everything until slowly synthesized by my brain. I'm, also, one of those annoying patients that will ask him to spell stuff (for the blog, of course) and bring in the anatomical models to show me exactly what's wrong. I must drive him nuts, but I try to give him lots of referrals!

Before the Dr. came in the eye-candy young extern came in to play with my foot. He reminded me of a modern Elvis. No kidding! He referred to himself as the "appetizer" to the main Dr. You can generally win over a runner by referencing everything back to food. He looked pretty yummy, but tried to not think about this because he was probably old enough to be my son. How come the externs at my school NEVER look like this? It must be weird touching a stranger's feet, but Mr. eye-candy extern didn't seem to mind. He agreed that we probably weren't dealing with a plantar fascitis because of the nature of my pain--getting worse the more I walk or run. Also, he pointed out the my pain is localized in an area not typical to plantar fascitis. He said the Dr. would probably want to do X-rays to rule out other weird things.

This is my third visit with Dr. Shah. He's doctored me through two I-T band injuries and I can't even count how many people I've referred to him. He's a serious running elite athlete and I think that's a major qualification for my sport's doctor. Some women insist on going to female only GYNs--I don't feel that's particularly important for me, but going to a sport's doctor that is also a runner--ranks high with me. Dr. Shah localized the exact area of my pain. Immediately, he thought this was due to a slipped Cuboid bone, which is one of the upper foot bones beneath the ankle. I've included a picture to bore you to death with more than you ever wanted to know about the cuboid bone, which in my case is, subluxmating, in otherwords, it's being very very naughty bone and must be wrangled back into submission. He had a football college mate with this problem that he was able to manipulate back into position. This isn't a very typical injury but makes perfect sense with it's location and the sudden way it reared its ugly head after an easy run on the treadmill. He was going to take X-rays and then try to pop it back into place. The X-rays didn't show anything.

He had me lay on my stomach and then he pulled on my foot and did some sports doc magic flourish that woke me up. He said if it went back into place it should be instantly better; he could tell right away it didn't work cause I still had a hobble. He's going to send me to some D.O. in Hudson that has more experience with the manipulation technique. He gave him a call and even had his receptionist call to get me an appointment for tomorrow, so no time is wasted and I can get in a little light running before the Half on Sunday. My glass is half empty perspective on the world worries and doubts that this guy will be able to get it into place, so I guess that's the bad's not fixed yet. But there is hope!!! And no boot for six weeks!
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