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Hoo-Ah! TipToe Through Army Ten Miler

Posted Oct 02 2009 12:00am
Well, it's been awhile since my last post. Before I ran the Philly Distance Run. 

A few things happened to me since my last blog. I'll start with the whole, I walk on my toes, run on my toes, since I started to walk, I've been on my toes. I've worn orthotics in the past, but never to run and when I received a new pair in April, I decided to run in them as well. They were the first pair that actually had me on my heels the longer I was in them, so at the end of a 10 mile run, I was completely on my heels. 

I had high hopes that although my legs hurt enough to have me taking medicine to get through the pain, that eventually my legs would get accustomed to the gait and I would be even faster. I had mixed thoughts about them throughout training, as my intervals were notably slower and long runs were up and down with my legs feeling okay one week and then horrid the next. I went back and forth with whether I wanted to wear them for running. My husband and chiropractor said WEAR THEM!

Well, I took a week off one month prior to Philly and my training upon my return wasn't stellar, but I was still getting in 40 mile weeks, so I thought I should be okay. The morning of the race, I had none of the stomach issues that have been plaguing my runs all year (thank you Dorothy for the powerbar Gel Blasts hint) and thought I would be okay. 

However, when I try to run fast, I naturally get up on my toes, so the first 3 miles at the 7:45 pace my teammate Angela and I were going to keep, had me worn out trying to fight the orthotics, which were forcing me on my heels. Angela took off and kicked ass, while I slowed down! By mile 7 I was miserable still trying to push it against the orthotics and it really hit me what these orthotics were doing. 40 years on your toes, you can't fight nature. At the end of the race, I was defeated and my legs were killing me. The drive back was horrible and by the time I got home, I was heading for a vicadin in the medicine cabinet.

My coach, George Buckheit of Capital Area Runners , had been against them from the start, but having spent most of my life ridiculed for being on my toes (yes, I can still go to the grocery store at my age and have some A-hole come up next to me, get up on their toes and go, "do you know you walk like this?" No asshole, I had no idea), I really had high hopes that these would make me "normal". But who's to say what normal is, not me.

So, I'm keeping the orthotics in my everyday shoes, but they are GONE from my running shoes. I went to the track Tuesday and had the best track workout all year. ON MY TOES!

ARMY 10 miler it is on Sunday, and I'll be on my toes. Although, it won't be a PR, I hope it will be my best race all year, and significantly better than Philly.

Now, Good Luck to MB, Katie and Ashley running Twin Cities Marathon and Dorothy running Freedom's Run Marathon (which looks BEAUTIFUL, but really hilly). They are all awesome runners and will do fantastic!
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