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Posted Mar 25 2013 9:21am

I had a wonderful time at home! It’s always so nice to go home see my family and friends and relax.  You know what’s not cool though? Having to change my flight when the weather is calling for 5-8 inches of snow, on March 24, the day after it was 50 degrees. Seriously what is up with that? It didn’t stop my mom from taking 23902032 pictures though.

Anywayz. I had a nice day with the birthday boy JT on Friday. We had some lunch and did some shopping. And when I say shopping, I mean subjecting my father to his worst nightmare on his birthday weekend: Wonder Book and Video.

So dusty, claustrophobic,  and insanely cheap (used books are $2.00). After subjecting JT to this horrible experience  I forced him into  a tiny little top hat.

Doesn’t everyone look better in one of those?

Sunday I went to my love Britt’s engagement party where I like always, towered over all my friends. Nothing like being the amazon woman in the group.

The rest of the visit was spent relaxing, eating tasty treats and hanging out with my fam. Mostly this little guy:

Andddddd a big happy birthday today to my favorite dad ever! Happy birthday JT! I totes love you!

That’s all the nonsense I have for now!

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