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Holy Ghost!

Posted Jul 22 2012 1:47pm

Yesterday I went to a shoe fitting specialist who was recommended by my chiropractor.  First, let me say I was a bit skeptical.  After all I’ve been “fitted” many times at various running stores, right?  Wrong!

A running store clerk’s main focus is more to help you find what type of runner you are, stability, neutral or motion control.  Once they determine that then they ask you what size you are.  I learned that the majority of people wear the wrong size shoe.  Not on purpose of course, but none the less they are walking around in the wrong size doing damage to the foot and in the long wrong damage up the leg to the knees and hips.  Over the years I’ve been working with my chiropractor and although we have made my body stronger and more aligned there was always a missing link.  Well that missing link has now been discovered and I am on my way to  fixing the issue.

During the 20 minute evaluation it became clear to me that the goal was to find my true size therefore allowing the foot to stretch back to it proper alignment.  For example I always wear a 7.5 Medium or Wide in a dress shoe and an 8 or 8.5 medium or wide in a running shoe.  The shoe that I purchased yesterday after the appointment was a 9.5 narrow.  Yes, this is shocking.  Almost unbelievable.  But after running today for the first time in my 9.5N I am a believer!

I went out for a 5.25 mile run this morning in my new Brooks Ghost 3’s and was amazed immediately at how in control I was.  My thought was that my old size was perfect so how could larger size work?  Shouldn’t I be slipping out and swimming around in them?  But the fact was it was just the opposite.  I felt in complete comfortable control especially changing speeds, going around corners and running down hill.

I finally began to understand what he was trying to explain about allowing the foot to drop to its proper alignment.  I could actually feel my foot striking properly and overall my foot felt more relaxed.  He warned me to ease into mileage as I would be using different muscles as my gait changed and he was right.  I look forward to seeing him in 2 weeks for the follow up and then once the foot has time to drop and my toes actually extend to their proper length we will know for sure if I will be a 9 or 9.5 narrow at which point I will also know my true size in a dress/casual shoe.

Doesn’t it make sense to want your foot to walk or run from it strongest point and if you don’t then pain and damage occurs?  A Proper Fit in Fall River, MA is worth the time and $10 for the evaluation.  Richard has been in the shoe business for over 30 years and he knows the business and your feet.  Located at 66 Troy Street in the Merrill building, the shop is a 3 room office and although the decor is something out of the 70′s the customer focus is second to none.  The office runs on referrals from local doctors and happy customers.  You can immediately see that Richard is loved by his patrons.  I’ve taken before photos and a tracing of my foot and will keep you posted of the final change.  I can’t wait!


I continue to work my abs with the 30 Day Challenge and saw this Tweet that confirms the importance of a strong mid section.


Hard to believe that today is day 22 of the challenge, but I am discovering it’s more than the exercise it’s also diet. You must eat well and eat the whole clean foods that don’t create more fat, the very thing you are trying to eliminate with the workouts.

So as week begins I will focus on eating right, wearing the right sized shoe, sticking to my ab challenge and becoming a stronger healthier athlete.

running by faith,
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