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Hitting the wall, from a kid's point of view...

Posted May 07 2010 10:06am
I have the most wonderful friend who I can count on. She is so kind and always willing to take both my girls when I ask her too. So when I asked her to take my girls while I was in Cincinnati for the marathon, she of course was happy to help me out. They had a great time and of course played till they were worn out. They also attended a Derby party, where the kids all picked the horse of choice and also hit a pinata shaped as a horse. So cute. Anywho.... When we picked up the girls, and as we were driving home, Greg and I were chatting about my race and I said something about HITTING THE WALL..... well my hilarious little 4 year old asked....

"Mom, you hit the wall? Is that why you have a bruise on your elbow?" lol ~

I didn't even have a bruise. She just assumed I had really run into a brick wall. Kids say the funniest things. I did how ever feel as though I had truly run into a brick wall..... all week. This was my 12th marathon and also the hardest recovery. I have been so sick, and my legs have been toast. More then usual. UGH.... No wonder I didn't BQ.... something is up with my body right now. I have qualified before (twice) and I know I will again... hopefully sooner then later.

On a happy note... we are running in a 5K tomorrow morning. It is going to be my 9 year old's first, and my husbands. I will post all about it on Monday. We just need to figure out what we are going to do with the 4 year old while we are running... maybe my trusty friend can come watch her for me... ha ha
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