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HIT Week 26 (8/2-8/8)

Posted Aug 09 2010 12:00am

As you may have noticed, I have not posted much this week. That is because I have done very little that is worth posting about. Its been a sucky, slacking week.

I’ve had a sort of semi-sickness and, well, we all know I never need help coming up with an excuse to slack. Combine my aching throat with some crazy humidity and you’ve got yourself and Class A slacker. I’m skilled, what can I say. Even with the slacking we can pretend I got my required level of activity in this week. Its all in how you interpret “activity” and how much intensity and duration come into play. For the whole week I got two bike rides in. Thats pretty much the jist of my cardio. I also managed to get in three wannabe liftings in – and they were definitely lacking. But remember…I was ill!

Rather than back post (loser-ish) I’ll just go into more detail for the weekly layout…

Monday: Slack something fierce. I started feeling sick - mainly that hot throat that feels like a petri dish of bacteria waiting to kill you.

Tuesday: More “prevention and recovery” for my pending illness. I stand by the fact that Monday and Tuesday were completely legitimate slack days!

Wednesday: This was one of those days that I really should have gotten my butt outside, but my throat was still feeling a little “off” and I didn’t want to irritate it any more. (Never doubt my excuse making abilities…) I did get a little lower body lifting in so I didn’t feel completely worthless.

Thursday: I only worked a half day today – a full four hours from 3pm-7pm. You’d think I would have had all sorts of time in my morning to get outside and move around. You’d think… Instead I spent some quality time with my sewing machine. I converted a pair of capri pants into a skirt and then I proceeded to rip the entire hem back out. One would think that with my crazy everything-must-be-perfect ways that I’d be able to cut a straight line…I can’t! I did get some activity in though – after work I met Chris and Tom for a bike ride. Well, it was supposed to be a bike ride. I got there late since I worked and I was ready to head off on my own for a while. About the time I was putting my front tire on I got a call from Chris – Tom broke his bike again and they wanted me to bring up some tools. That would have been possible, but the tools were not in my car anymore. In the end Chris and I spent about 30 minutes out on the trails looking for a gear that fell off of Tom’s bike. We did not find it, but we were found by swarms of mosquitos. Yuck! After that I was hot, tired, and cranky – 30 minutes of relatively slow meandering on bike trails would have to do!

Friday: On Thursday afternoon I realized that I really need to get a half way decent ride or run in – my lack of exercise was making me cranky. I was starting to feel pretty worthless and just down right crabby. Because I really didn’t need a cranky Friday I went out for a 5 mile bike ride before work. Not a long distance, but enough to put me in a much better mood than on Thursday! Oh, and Friday was Casual Day at work so I got to rock my super cute new skirt…I blogged about it here . I got all sorts of compliments, so between my mini bike ride and my new skirt my Friday was a pretty good day!

Saturday: For the second time ever with my “new” job I had to work a Saturday. Oh the horrors! Fine, there were no horrors, just four hours to kill on a Saturday. In most cases these four hours usually end up being pretty productive, but the stinking phone kept ringing! I shouldn’t complain, the ringing phone is the reason I showed up for work, but still I had paperwork and proofing to do! Anyway. My plan was to go biking with Chris and Tom some time in the later afternoon on Saturday. This never happened. The boys got it in their head that it was their lucky day and we needed to hit up a casino. I need to preface this by saying I am not much of a gambler and I never condone throwing money away (unless its in my direction). However, I’ve been to a casino a few times in my life and I like the slot machines with the fun mini games – its like MSN games, but with real money! Besides, I never walk in with more than $40 to blow. One thing led to another and we ended up meeting a friend down at the Ho-Chunk Casino near Baraboo. We spent lots of quality time bonding in the car. It was good to see Tyler, besides Chris walked away with a fatter wallet. I can’t complain about that, and Best Buy will probably profit from Chris’s winnings!

Sunday: There was some hardcore sleeping in going on Sunday morning. Awesome. I didn’t get up until 9am! I don’t care what who says – that is sleeping in for me and it felt good! When I did get around to getting up I had some house cleaning today. You see, I had converted my kitchen table into a sewing area and I had junk everywhere. That really isn’t a problem except that I invited some people over for dinner and games. I can’t really serve dinner or play games without a kitchen table. So off to cleaning I went. My goal was to clean up my kitchen table and organize my mess but one thing led to another. I ended up spending about 3 hours cleaning my house – I think that should count toward my workouts…right? Before I showed off my cleaning grim I also managed to get some minimal upper body lifting in too (think push ups, curls, etc).

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