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Hip Hop Yoga at Back Bay Yoga Studio with Erica Bornstein

Posted Nov 25 2012 3:41pm

Some of my girlfriends and I bought a Gilt deal for Back Bay Yoga studio of 5 classes for $35 which is a great deal! Rosemary and I went to Ame Wren’s vinyasa class a couple of weeks ago and loved it.  But we decided to try something new and go to a hip hop yoga class with Erica Bornstein  this afternoon and bring our friend Colleen.  I had been to hip hop yoga once before but it was when I was newer to the practice-almost a year ago!

Before heading to the class, I read Erica’s profile on the Back Bay Yoga website which described her practice as an athletic vinyasa flow with focus on basics and alignment (advanced options provided). The description reminded me of classes with Tiffany Cruikshank who I love from YogaGlo. My hopes are to find someone who can teach a class in person that makes me feel as good as I do after my YogaGlo workouts with Tiffany!

I tweeted about my excitement for the class and found out Elise who blogs over at Eat.Sweat.Balance was also going to this class.  Elise said it was one of her favorites!  So I was not only excited to try out this great class but also to finally meet Elise! I actually know her boyfriend from high school. He didn’t go to my high school but he was friends with one of Dave’s close friends from who I went camping with one time…like 9 years ago-what a small world!

After the class, I said hi to Erica and Elise.   I found out that Elise had actually told Erica about my blog.  I was both pumped and flattered!  We had mentioned that fitness bloggers are all connected somehow and end up meeting at some yoga class, race, or other fitness event!  I’m looking forward to hanging out with these ladies some more-most likely in Erica’s hip hop yoga class!

I really enjoyed Erica’s class.  It was fast paced but I never felt like I was pressured to go too fast that I compromised form.  Erica started the class explaining that if you need to rest, take a rest-go at your pace because you can always catch up.  I appreciated this disclaimer because sometimes you can get lost in the practice and try to just keep up.  Sometimes you need to remind yourself that this is your practice.

This might be why Erica included a period of time where we could do our own flow. I used to be intimidated by these periods of time ( like at my first hip hop yoga experience ) but now I get excited!  It is great way to include some poses or flows that I may be craving that day or to rest in downward dog/child’s pose to bring myself back to my own practice.

In addition to some freestyle time, Erica provided a couple of opportunities to have an advanced pose.  She didn’t just have you go at it, she provided a breakdown of how to do so.  One of these advanced poses was an arm balance that I wasn’t able to get but I’m looking forward to working towards…just like I did with my headstand.

Which leads me to the time when Erica had instructed us to rest in either child’s pose, downward dog or if we chose so-headstand. I thought, “Why not try headstand?!” It was the first opportunity in a studio class since I’ve successfully practiced headstand that I could give it a try. It was tougher in class-I don’t know if I felt pressured or it was because I was so sweaty-but I finally got it. And after class, Rosemary and Colleen had mentioned that they saw me and were impressed!  They said I looked in control and strong!  I was all smiles!

If you have a chance to attend Erica’s hip hop class, I highly recommend it.  With Erica’s athletic focus, she understands the importance of a strong core and open hips to prevent injury.  When I was in pigeon pose, Erica came over to help adjust me deeper into the pose.  I also saw her correcting some of the other students’ form so you can tell right away that she is an attentive instructor.

In terms of the music-I often found myself wanted to bounce or dance a little because I enjoyed her playlist.  But when initially when she was speaking on the mic it threw me off a little bit.  It seemed like the volume was high, but once I was really getting into the flow and the music it seemed natural almost necessary.

Erica finished the class reminding us that yoga isn’t about how pretty you look while practicing but the fact that you make it out-looking good while practicing comes with time.  She told us that by challenging ourselves in our practice we grow stronger in life not just our practice.  This hit home with me as I have been finding that if I try new fitness activities or pushing myself to fail at more advanced poses, I realize that I’m not just about running or one activity.  I become more open-minded and happy in everyday life.  It was nice to hear Erica say that she feels the same way!


What was your Sunday workout? Or is Sunday your rest day?

Sundays are sometimes my rest days, but now they have become a yoga day!

Have you met any of your friends from online?

Sarah, Laura, Lena, and many others! Thank you DailyMile ! :)

Have you ever had one of those, “Wow it’s a small world!” moments?

More than I thought I would! I guess living around the town you grew up in and in the city you went to school in makes those moments more likely to happen though!

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