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Hip Flexor Tendonitis -- thorough diagnosis or not?

Posted by hippie

I saw a sports orthopedist today, and did not feel that he was thorough.  He looked at MRIs, took new xrays, and poked my hip to see exactly where it hurt.  No other physical exam, and did not want much info from me.  So, he just knew that my hip hurts after I run but not during, that I like to run, and that I fell twice last year.  He decided I have hip flexor tendonitis, and prescribed pt and an NSAID.

Was this a thorough diagnosis?  Are there other possibilities he could have missed? 

 My very uneducated guess is that he's right, and it is hip flexor tendonitis.  But I just wonder if he actually saw tendonitis (didn't say so), or just quickly ruled out fracture and arthritis and diagnosed it as tendonitis when it could be something else.  He prescribed 3 weeks of Voltaren, and six weeks of pt, three times/week. 

Do you have any thoughts?  He did not seem at all thorough, but could very well be correct.

I found this very frustrating, and am wavering between getting a second opinion and just doing yoga for a while, with no running.  I like to run, and would like to do so without hurting after.

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One other injury that was possible for me was a stress fracture, which is almost impossible to detect in a regular x-ray. You have to be injected with radio-active liquid and then you have to get a CT scan I believe.
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