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Hill Running - Kicking Lady Chancellors Butt

Posted Dec 20 2011 11:31am
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I did it!  
OK, OK - Glen & I both did it! 
If you are unfamiliar with my fitness goal of kicking Lady Chancellor's butt.. .click here!
Lady Chancellor Hill
For those of you who don't know Trinidad, Lady Chancellor is a beautiful, almost traffic-free, winding road that rises close to the crest of a hill and looks out over most of Port of Spain.  It's a 2 mile route (one way) and the road has a 700 feet climb from the base.   
It's a killer.
The 1st time we did this run, it took us 48 minutes (up & down)!
The 2nd time, it took us 41 minutes, w/ 2 (very quick) stops on the way up!
Yesterday, we took off and I felt good.  
I felt strong and was jamming to my new running mix....then I was dying.  I don't know what happened.  I could barely breathe.  I pressed on.  I wasn't about to let a little thing like breathing stop me from kicking this crazy hill's ass!   After a little while we stopped.  We actually stopped 3 more time after that.  I thought our time was going to be horrible...
 Then, we got to the top and I looked down and it had only been 19 minutes.  WHAT? 19 minutes?
Now - I understand why I thought I was dying....
                                              Immediately, we started our run downhill! 
It's amazing how much energy you have, when you realized you just just kicked some butt! 
We finished in 37 minutes.
We were HOT, We were SWEATY. It was DARK.
4 miles. 700 feet incline. 37 minutes. 
I would like to say this achievement is from hard work...
BUT, I really I think I was just in a great mood.
Because, I found this earlier this week and I still laugh/smile EVERY time I read it!
I think when you are happy - you can achieve AMAZING things!
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What goals have you achieved recently?I was hoping that we could finish yesterday in 38 minutes, so 37 minutes was a surprise!
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