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Highs and Lows from this Past Year...and Week 6 MCM training recap

Posted Aug 06 2012 8:16am
From Janice.... what are you highs and lows from this year?

* finishing the Philly half, with a PR at the time
* seeing the progress Jacob has made through OT (especially potty training!)
* Leah walking and starting to talk.  Her "ok" is the cutest thing I've ever heard.
* a mini trip to the Bahamas with my guy.  That was some much needed time away from normal life.
* watching my students graduate, seeing them mature over the course of the school year. One student in particular really stole my heart and became such an amazing young man.  I'm so proud of all the progress he made towards becoming a leader and not a follower.
* committing to running in the morning and following through.

* work at work...not being able to stay on top of paper work, marking student work. Taking too much home.
* stressing over my students' test scores and all of their "data"
* self doubt teaching ELLs for the first time
* missing my goal at the MORE Half Marathon.

 And here is a quick recap of training from last week:
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Swim lesson - working on breaststroke.  Still.  I also learned the elementary back stroke, which was no problem.
Tuesday: 3 miles.  My Garmin didn't charge for some reason, so I had to rely on the RunKeeper app.  It's silly because I know where 3 miles is, but I like having some record that I finished the distance.
Wednesday: 6 miles.  I ran 3 miles at Marathon Pace (11:00) and 3 miles easy.  That evening I had another swim lesson.  Kept working on breaststroke and learned the sidestroke.  I'm really determined to be a decent breaststroker (lol!).
Thursday: 3 miles.  My guy was working from home, so I made the mistake of sleeping in.  I didn't run until after dropping J off at camp.  It was unbelievably hot.  I did a 3:1 run/walk.  It was brutal.
Friday: Rest.  Sort of.  I took J to the pool.  He is awesome at blowing bubbles and is cool with going underwater.
Saturday: 9 miles.  I stopped to retie my shoe and thought I hit pause on the Garmin.  I was wrong.  I didn't hit pause until I started running.  Annoying!  I know I finished the 9 miles, but I hate that it says 8.78 in my Training Center.

That's 21 miles this week!  Looking forward to running some new routes this week!

Care to share your highs/lows from this year?  Link your post if you have one!

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