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Hi #fitbloggin – Nice to Meet You, I’m CarlyBananas!

Posted Sep 21 2012 7:00am

Hi new FitBloggin’ friends (and all new readers who I haven’t taken the time to get to know!). I know we’re going to be meeting tons of new people this weekend and I thought I would do an all about me post because… well, it seems like a good time for one.

10 Facts About Carly

Me and my favorite Racing President, Teddy!

1) I love working out but it’s a new habit for me. I never worked out regularly before 2010. Now, running is my favorite thing and I work out with a trainer twice a week. It’s hard to remember why fitness wasn’t always my thing. I blog because I think it’s important people to see that you can start working out later in life and learn to enjoy it.

2) I’m obsessed with baseball, namely the Washington Nationals. I’ve been watching tons of Nats games for the last 4 years and it’s so nice to see them playing well this year. I want them to win their division so bad because they try so hard and I can’t even imagine how much it would mean to them. I’m also a really big sap haha. I’ll probably be ducking out of the Friday morning session to try to grab playoff tickets online!

3) I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania – the same town where Crayola crayons are made. When I went to college in DC, I ‘d never heard of Starbucks or Target or been on public transportation. Walmart opened during my senior year in high school and it was a BIG DEAL.  Now, my parents have both good coffee and shopping because businesses have moved in and they can’t believe how we went without it.

4) I’m a big fan of eating. A lot. People are usually surprised by how much I eat.  I think I eat a pretty well balanced diet but I do like to eat a lot of stuff that many bloggers treat as forbidden – like cheese fries at a baseball game or a cheeseburger… sometimes I just want a cheeseburger. And I love carbs. One of my biggest fears is developing an allergy to gluten and I genuinely couldn’t imagine voluntarily cutting bread/bagels/pretzels/pasta from my diet! This alone makes me hesitant to self identify as a healthy living blogger.

5) I love reading and will read pretty much anything I can get my hands on, which will mostly be (sometimes quite crappy) teen fiction. Recently I read the Maze Runner series and really liked it. Before that, I read the Fifty Shades series which was awful but I couldn’t put it down. My boyfriend got it for me for my birthday because he kept seeing people make fun of it but didn’t want to read it himself. And combining my love of baseball and reading, this video of the Nationals bullpen reading Fifty Shades aloud is one of my favorite things.

6) I love Taylor Swift. So much. For her last two tours, she came to DC on two back to back nights and I went to both. My summer felt strangely sad when I didn’t have a concert to go to in August. I can’t wait for her new album to come out in October!

7) I am the queen of sarcasm (Chandler Bing is my king). How much I care is shown in joking comments. Sometimes I am really quiet when I first meet people and then after a little bit I start talking and never stop. My trainer said our relationship improved 100% when she realized that sarcasm is my way of showing I care.

8) I used to blog way before blogging was a thing (I’m like a blogger hipster).  In… 1999 (maybe 1998) I had my own website and blog – then I switched to LiveJournal (yes, seriously) and was there until 2006ish. I reread all of the stuff I put online then and want to beat myself up, teen angst like whoa. It’s deleted and hopefully removed from the recesses of the Googles.

9) I am the world’s worst dancer. Worse than Elaine on Seinfeld . I have zero rhythm and I get really nervous when I think people are paying attention to me. It’s a terrible combo. I want to try Zumba while I’m at FitBloggin because I think people will be more tolerant of how ridiculous I look – but I’ll probably only last 5 minutes before I have a panic attack from my lack of coordination and accidentally punch myself in the face/fall on my face.

10) My favorite movie is Annie.  I’ve seen it approximately 1 million times and so has my dad. When I was really young, we lived in a neighborhood without many kids so my dad and I would watch the movie over and over and over and could recite the whole thing. If he messed up, we started over. I was a really fun kid.

Are you at FitBloggin? Come find me and tell me an interesting fact about yourself!

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