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Hey Running Moms! Need your help and ideas!

Posted May 20 2009 9:30am

One of the runners who stepped forward after our HELP WANTED! post was Christy.   She not only offered her help, but she also passed on a great suggestion - let' s do more for running moms.  

Tom and I have long recognized that running moms are a special group of runners and wanted to do more to support this group - but haven' t had the time or ideas to move forward in a way that best leverages the resources in the Lounge as well as provides resources targeted to running moms.

Christy posted a great article on her blog asking for your help and I would like to echo and pass along her request:

I realized that running for Mom' s is much more than just for exercise. Lots of Mom' s start running after babies are born to lose the weight but discover a much better reward. Maybe you were a runner before you were a Mom or maybe not. Maybe you ran during pregnancy, or maybe you run with your kids now. Maybe you run to get a break from your kids or maybe you run to be a better mom. No matter how you got there - we want to hear from you!

Before we launch this great project - we want to know what you are looking for.

  • What interests you as a Mom runner?
  • What would you want to see?
  • Are there topics out there that you think are not addressed enough?
  • What do you think is missing?
  • Are looking for a great network to start running groups for moms or maybe you want to start a team??

So many great things can be done but we are hoping you can help figure out what to do first!

One of the first questions we need to answer - we need a name for our group! I would love to have a great catchy name that says WE ARE MOMS AND WE RUN. Ideally it is just a few words and is not too cheesy. What do you think? Surely there is a Mom out there much more creative than me who has some great name for a bunch of crazy women who parent and run! It would also be great to have our own logo or design that was easy to recognize!

Thanks for all your input and please pass along this message to any other Mom' s out there that you think might have some thoughts, advice, ideas - just about anything will do. You can comment on this post or even better - send me (Christy) an email at I can' t wait to get all your replies and watch for us on the Runners Lounge!

And to get us started on collecting resources and information, I have added a new category to our Know How section called Running Mom Resources.   Thanks to Lani for agreeing to republish her post from December as the inaugrual post.   All you great running, blogging moms - send me your posts for republishing!  Let' s build resources for moms!

I have also added a new "Connect with Me" category that you can attach to your profile to show others you are interested in Running Mom information.

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