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Hey, I'm back! With tales of ultras, CrossFit and eating like a caveman.

Posted Aug 20 2012 2:48am
Yeah, so it's been a while between posts.

It's not that there's been nothing happening, on the contrary - there's been way too much happening to even think about quarantining some time to blog about it. Now though, my life is finding a little bit more equilibrium and I can start contributing once more to my own little dust pile in a remote and forgotten corner of the interwebs.

The Run World Radio podcast has been tracking along. Seven episodes and a number of 'running shorts' in the can and available for your listening pleasure/punshment  here and on iTunes. I love my catch up chats with Steve Chopper and Runnrgrl .
In May of this year I competed in (attempted!) my first trail ultra marathon, the North Face 100 . I got as far as 85km of the 100km course but let myself down with some poor nutrition. It was an awesome experience though and I loved every minute of it!

In June, I signed up at a CrossFit Box where I've been training three times a week for the last two and a half months. I could go on forever about CrossFit and may well do on this blog - so consider yourself warned!
I competed in my seventh City2Surf on August 12 and as usual had a ball. I set a new personal best time for the course which was surprising given how little training I did for the event itself. I'm still running three times a week, but currenty have no races on the calendar apart from a return visit next May to complete the North Face 100. Training for that will kick off in November.
The biggest news has been my decision to adopt the paleo diet, initially as a 30-day trial after reading and being challenged by Robb Wolf's book, 'The Paleo Solution' . I reached the thirty day mark and have kept on going. Today is day eighty! So expect some posts in the near future about the amazing physical  impact this, along with ramping up the Crossfit,  has had. So stick around... I'm back and there's plenty to talk about!

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