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Hey! Do You Still Like That Bike You Got?

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:04pm

The Motobecane Fantom Cross II – A review!

Yes!  I do like this bike.  I give it 4.5 stars out of 5.  Why 4.5?  Because I never give 5 stars to anyone or anything.

It is a great bike!  The moment I got on it to take a first test ride, I liked this bike.  I still like it.  A lot!


The model is a Motobecane Fantom Cross II.  It is a hybrid bicycle meant to compete in Cyclo-Cross competitions.  There are some unique components like 2 sets of brake levers and Cross tires.

The tires (and the basic build) allow for riding the bike on almost any surface.  I’ve had it on gravel, pavement, cement and dirt.  It works.  I had it on a trail with a stream crossing that required me to lift and carry (portage) the bike across it.  It is fairly light (20 pounds) and was easy to carry.  It gives the bike a lot of versatility.

So…  As a road bike, or as a (light) mountain bike, this bike does what I want it to, and it does it easily.

My shortest ride so far was trying it out when I first got it.  My longest ride is in the neighborhood of 35 miles. 

It is always comfortable.  I love the sense of freedom that this bicycle gives me.  It may be work at times, but it is always fun.  Even on some extreme climbs, when I am geared all of the way down, I can conquer the hill that I am attempting.

I got the best components that I could afford.  The bike cost $599.  It has an aluminum frame, 18 gear system. 

I think that everything is a positive for me on this bike still.  I did change out the clip pedals for clipless.  I thought about changing out the crank set.  I didn’t, though, and now I don’t need to or want to.

The only negative aspect of the bike would be the wear on the back tire.  I would expect that with a conservatively price cross tire and a Clydesdale rider.  As long as there is a good tire with tread on the front to assist steering, I’m good.

Some reviews of this bike do mention that the saddle is uncomfortable.  It is.  But only at first, I became accustomed to it rather quickly and do not feel the need to change it out.

Would I recommend that you buy one?  Tough call – and you have to keep some things in mind.

This is not my first bike.  It was easy to size for me and to perform regular maintenance on it for that reason. The site that I ordered from does offer a toolset and DVD for bicycle assembly and maintenance.  That can assist you in setting up the bike.  There is also some videos on the site that does show you how to set the bike up.

You will save money by ordering this bike.  You will save enough so that you can take the bike to the local bike shop and have them assemble it and size it to you.

If you can appreciate using a bicycle, then think about how you would like to use it.  I use it for trail riding and a lot of street riding, and most of the trails in my area are cement. 

Before you order, go looking at bikes.  Check the groupos, get an approximate frame size for your build.  Ask questions.  Then price. 

Here are two websites to consider…  One is the BikesDirect site that I ordered from.  The other is the main Motobecane site.

This is the Bikes Direct website with the page showing everything that is available.

This is the page for the current version of my bike that they are offering.  The offerings change from time-to-time based on what is left in or coming into their inventory.

A page with information on ordering and a lot of “How-Tos.”


This is the Motobecane website –

The page with the current model that is nearest to what I purchased.


So that is my review after having had the bike and having enjoyed it.  If you are interested, you can email me and I’ll help you with any additional information!

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