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Here is a list of the benefits of exercise inspire you to start working out?

Posted Oct 19 2012 3:18pm

The reason I started working out on a regular basis is because I want to live until I’m 107. Yes, I’ve even chosen a death date (November 11, 2076) because it lets me know just how many days I have left. 23,399 as of today. Some might find that grim but I find it useful so I won’t waste time. I have a lot of things I want to accomplish and less than 25,000 days to get them done.

Anyway, in 1992 when I started exercising, there wasn’t a lot of evidence towards the benefits of exercising. There was some though, at least enough to inspire me to start. I started running every day for 15 minutes. In 1996, I added joggling. In 2007, I became a streak runner and as of today my running streak has reached 1432 days in a row.

It turns out all this exercise has lots more benefits than they even knew in 1992. According to this article on exercise , it has the following benefits.

1. Improves memory
2. Enhance problem solving skills
3. Reduce chances of Parkinsons disease
4. Reduce chances of Alzheimers disease
5. Reduces stress
6. Improves thinking speed
7. Increases ability to focus
8. Regulates appetite
9. Helps with weight loss
10. Reduce chances of depression
11. and a bunch more…

Well, with all that said I guess I’ll go out for my daily joggle. 4 miles sounds appealing right now.

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