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here goes nothin...ready or not, half marathon, here I come.

Posted Oct 01 2011 8:59pm
Thank you so so much for all your sweet words.  You guys rock and I'll be thinking of all of you as I run tomorrow.   I feel more ready now.   I hope I feel that way tomorrow too.   As I've said, all I can do is go out and try my hardest and have fun while I'm at it.  

It's been chilly today and so very windy.   It was supposed to be in the 60s tomorrow.  That's not the case now.  Now it's saying windy 10-15 mph and temps in the low to mid 40s.   I've made the executive decision to wear long sleeves.   I'm just wearing a lightweight long sleeve tee though.   I should be fine and I don't foresee it warming up so much that I overheat.  

I'm prepared for everything - I made my 13.1 playlist.  It's 41 songs and 2.5 hours long.   If I make t through all 41 songs before I finish, we all know I've hit trouble because I'd be much further away from my normal pace, even for training runs.    I charged the ipod and the garms.  I've laid out my clothes.   My bib, patellar strap, honey stingers, and spibelt are all on the kitchen table.   I have a water bottle to drink on the way there and the breakfast I plan to eat.   I think I'm prepared in all those aspects.   I just feel so much better before a race when I don't have anything to forget in the morning!

RunnerBro confessed today that after reading my post yesterday, it made him more nervous.  However, he is really ready.  He doesn't have tummy issues and rarely has any injuries, so he should be good.   Heck, who am I kidding?  We're both ready!   We headed to the expo today with RunnerSis and RunnerBaby in tow (Ryan is fighting off that nasty cold, so he stayed behind).

Here's a sneak peek of the expo from above
okay, not a great view, sorry.  

But hey, look, an indoor track! I think I'd die trying to do multiple miles on this thing.   Going round and round and round.
We headed downstairs to check out the action.   Near the beginning, I saw some shoes on sale that I was drawn to and the guy asked me what I was looking for.  I told him I wear minamalist shoes, to which he said, "wow, you're a hardcore runner!"  Heh, sure.  He didn't have anything of interest to me, but he did make me try out this elliptical that's supposed to help with your running form.   RunnerSis was there to take a pic of me looking really cool like a goober. oh and sorry for not dressing up for you guys, either.
We quickly moved on after I made a fool of myself and checked out the other booths.   Another running store had Minimus on sale for $75 (regularly $100).  I let out a squeal as I desperately want a pair of trail, since they have the wider toebox.   I called Ryan to consult with him (we have separate bank accounts, but really everything comes down to "our money").   He was a huge party pooper and reminded me how we have to book a hotel for DC and Chicago asap.   Oh.  Yeah.  That.  Sadly, dejectedly, broken-heartedly, I put the shoes back and cried on the inside.   Nope, I'm not dramatic at all.   
After checking out all the goods, we saw that you could make signs to cheer people on.   RunnerSis was an awesome cheerleader for us and made us both signs: yay for a cheering section!
We were uber nerds and posed with our bibs: with a little bit of RunnerBaby thrown in there for ya.
Here's what the shirts look like (they're Brooks tech tees): I like it!
I also got this (it's from the same company that made my born and raced in MI shirt - which is on sale now on their site for all you MI people.  Here's their site link:  Oiselle ) love love love it and now I match:  Mrs. Q  :) 
After some fun at the expo, we headed to a nearby outlet mall, where they got some good running clothes finds.   RunnerBaby indulged in a cider slush: yum!
and a little later on, I had to capture this because it was just too cute.  RunnerBaby wants to be just like mama.   I think this is their, "don't mess with me" look: and they even match!
It was a good time and definitely helped calm some pre-race nerves.   On our way home, we saw a truck driver wearing a Bert (from Sesame Street) mask as he was driving.   I tried to snap a pic, but alas, couldn't get one in time.   When I told Ryan, he said he was probably a serial killer.   He had a passenger, so let's hope he was just bored...   
Speaking of Ryan, when I came home, I tried to help him feel better, and I think he's improved a bit throughout the night, just by resting and not doing much.   We watched 'Bridesmaids' and I made homemade mac and cheese.  I figured it was a good combo of comfort food and carbs for tomorrow :)   I'll be heading to be soon, to get up earrrlllly for the race.  It's roughly an hour away and we want to make sure we get there in time to find parking.   The race actually starts at 8.   Ahhhhh.   Less than 12 hours from now.   Here goes nothing!

-What are you doing this weekend?  Anything fun?
-Found any great new companies/products/deals at an expo before?
-Do you lay everything out the night before your race?  I double and triple check EVERYTHING.
-Any last words of wisdom?


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