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help! i need the ultimate runner's playlist!

Posted Jun 28 2010 3:31am

silver Ipod

it's 82 days till my first ever half marathon, and i could really use your help. you see, i've got the 10-week training plan (starting July 11!), the shoes, the compression pants, but i'm still missing the most critical element of 'em all! can you help a sista out?


all i need isThe Ultimate Runner's Playlist.  


i'm sure it goes without saying, a runner is nothing without her music. (well, i guess there are some, like my husband, who so-call "like to hear their surroundings" but yeah...i'm not quite at that level yet.) unforunately though,i've been in a musical rut for about, well,  ever. it all happened once i left Canada. moving overseas meant leaving behind my primary connection to the music world: my car. now, listening to the radio just doesn't happen. ever. so basically, my playlist hasn't grown in the last 3 years. i didn't even know who Taylor Swift was till the Kayne incident (which is probably old news by now, isn't it. geez, i just can't keep up.)


however. i'm pretty sure i'm not alone in this. guaranteed the running community is filled with nerdy playlists everywhere. there's just something about " womanizer-woman-womanizer-you're-a-womanizer-oh..." that goes hand-in-hand with abusing our bodies. it drives us. entertains us. helps us forget when our quads are burning like a mother. makes us think we can do anything.


so i would LOVE if you visited ( ) and shared all your music insight with me! i do have a sweet spot for the 90's (oh man, you-know-you're-old-when ... ) but honestly, i can listen to anything. whatever pumps you, i wanna be pumped too! but it's not just about me, i think we could all help each other out. keep each other motivated and such. hope to hear from you soon!

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