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Hello, Remember Me?

Posted Dec 07 2008 12:00am
Okay, sorry for the complete absence the last few months. I have no excuse other than LIFE has happened. It has consumed everything. I'm trying to get back on top of everything one thing at a time! So, here I am! I wanted to thank those of you who emailed and left me messages wondering where I was and if I was okay! Glad to know people are still checking in! I know last time I promised pictures of my sunburn. However, I can't find them. So, you'll have to be satisfied with the new injury to my right leg! First, a little background. This leg seems to have a lot of major injuries in my life. When I was a seventh grader, I was running laps getting warmed up for my fastpitch game when I stepped in a gopher hole. Yes, a gopher hole. I snapped the ankle and was down! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures here at my house of me in my lovely cast. Although, I really wish I did because that was back in the day when it was cool to have bangs that stuck way up in the air. Trust me, it's a good picture. Me, a huge cast, and even bigger bangs. To be funny, my brother Aaron asked if he could write his name on my cast. I said sure thinking huh, this is a nice gesture considering we almost always fight. Well when he was done, I looked down and saw he drew a dead stickman on the bottom of my cast as though I had squished him. Such nice brotherly love.
Fast forward a few years to my senior year of college. I had a terrible pain on my right calf. Went in to the doctor numerous times and ended up having some procedures on a bad varicose vein that wouldn't quit. Again, sorry, no pics.
Then, about four to five years ago, I got this beauty while playing softball:

It soon turned into this:

I was running the bases when the second baseman (who was literally less than three feet from me) tried to throw me out at second base. Obviously, as you can tell from the bruise, I was safe. I actually ended up in the ER for that believe it or not. I started not being able to feel my leg. It felt numb and tingly and my toes felt like they were asleep. Turns out, the muscle had swelled up so much it was pushing on the sciatic nerve. Huh. Who knew?

Then, two years ago, I was coming in from outside when my screen door slammed on my leg. Normally, not a big deal. But this somehow hit on the exact right spot of my calf. The same vein I had a minor, minor procedure on years before (see above). I don't really know what happened but it hurt to walk for weeks and the calf swelled up and turned black and blue. Very pretty!

Now, you all know the next episode of my poor right toe. If not, please read a few posts back. That toe is now nicely recovering! Still hurts a little at times but really is nothing!

About 5-6 six weeks ago, according to my doctor, I somehow tore a muscle on the back of my leg. I don't know how I did that. I remember it hurting badly but I didn't think much of it. Soon, the leg and calf started swelling, turning hot and red and it hurt to put pants on. I made yet another trip to the doc (they love me...he he!) and after having an ultrasound, they said that apparently, when you tear a muscle, it can bleed (which I still don't believe and don't know about that...). Well my muscle, bled and caused a clot in yep, you guessed it, that bad vein! Thankfully, it was not a deep vein clot (those can kill you). She said I have to stay off it, no running until it heals and that it will keep swelling. So, here is a bad picture of the beauty now. My leg looks like a sausage and actually feels like it's filled with water. It's quite gross!

Eww. Notice the red on the back of the leg behind the knee? It's been turning red off and on for weeks now. It reminds me a lot of those old hypercolor t-shirts. You know when it's hot and when it's cold!

Notice the gross bump/black and blue spot in the calf?

So, I am just wondering why the right leg all the time? I mean can't we even the bad luck out to the left leg too? :)

Aside from my medical endeavors, I've been busy putting up Christmas decorations and have been busy playing with my niece and nephew. It has been incredibly fun. Still looking at races for 2009. Am also considering doing the New Years Eve jump in the icy waters of Lake Minnetonka! Will have to see though!

Hope you all are staying warm and enjoying the seasons!
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