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Hello, 58 degrees!

Posted Jun 30 2010 12:00am
When I woke up this morning to go for a run and saw that it was 58 degrees outside, I practically ran right out the door. :) It has been in the 90′s and disgustingly humid in Boston, so running this morning was literally a breath of fresh air.

Pre-Run Fuel:

I used to often not eat before early morning exercise, but now I almost always do. I find that unless I really stuff myself the night before (generally not the best idea), my workouts tend to fall flat without eating anything in the AM. Plus a little food can give you that burst of energy you need to wake up. Today I went for a slice of bread with light cream cheese.

Pre-Run Fuel Ideas (for “regular” runs or workouts, not long runs):

Slice of bread with nut butter, jelly, cream cheese or a combination Half/whole bar (Lara, Luna, Clif, Odwalla, etc. – ideally one that has both carbs and protein) Handful of cereal (without milk) A few whole grain crackers with nut butter Banana (alone or with nut butter) Small bowl of oatmeal (if you have time) I headed out for a 1-hour run. For now I am running for time rather than miles, just to give myself a mental vacation from thinking in terms of distance like I do during any training program – I find this to be a nice break. I actually lost track of time and ended up turning around after 35 minutes instead of 30. When I got home I saw that I ran 8.4 miles in 7o minutes (about an 8:20 average pace, which probably was not my constant pace since my warm-up and cool-down were slower).

Next week I plan to begin my training for a half marathon I’m going to do with my mom in late September, so I’m enjoying running more leisurely for now and just maintaining my base.

Post-Run Fuel:

Oat Protein Pancake. Sounds weird, but tastes SO good and is surprisingly filling. Borrowed from Tina .

First I mixed together:

1/3 c. oats 1/3 c. egg-beaters (can also use egg whites) 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract 1/2 tsp. baking powder a couple spoonfuls of plain (or flavored) Greek Yogurt – about 2 Tbsp. *I’ve noticed using flavored yogurt makes the batter more watery – so if using anything other than Plain Greek Yogurt, add less (1 Tbsp?) or add more oats! cinnamon to taste 1 Tbsp. flaxseed meal (optional – I forgot this today)

Heat a pan with non-stick spray over medium heat. Pour the mixture into the pan. Let it cook about 3 minutes before flipping.

Once fully cooked, serve with sliced fruit on top (I like bananas or blueberries) and nut butter and/or maple syrup. Today I chose a bit of each – Trader Joe’s almond butter (by far the least expensive I have found) and a little syrup.

Before & After:

Apparently I liked it…off to work!

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