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Hell Week

Posted Jun 13 2013 11:33pm
Through hell fire and brimstone.. that's how it feels. It's hell week for my Vermont 100 training. Training that I began way back in the middle of October. This is the week, where I throw everything I've got, into the bucket, and hope to come out on the other side feeling good and like I could run more. But it's not an easy task. Sunday through Wednesday, the first 4 days of this week featured four runs totaling 39.5 miles. Today (Thursday) was the rest day, to be followed by the real work of the week. Hell Weekend. Three Days, 70 Miles. 20 Friday, 30 saturday, 20 Sunday. The goal this weekend is really time on my feet and simulating running on very tired legs.

So far this week I have run through a massive heat wave. 100 degree temps that have sparked major wild fires here in Colorado. Which means from time to time the air fills with smoke. Ever run through the smoke generated by a campfire.. for miles? I have this week. It's bee trying. I've managed to finally shake my sinus infection and I'm recovered from the Grand Canyon. Now is the week I build my final confidence for the Vermont 100, and start to truly convince myself of what is possible in the Green Mountains next months. 40 Miles into this week, 102 miles into the month.. and I feel awesome.

I continue to crunch the numbers from years past. I guess it's helping me with my confidence for the run. I'm comparing my training numbers to years prior with this year. For instance
2007 Vermont 100
Finish Time: 23:19
Miles Through June: 1119.65

2008 Vermont 100
Finish Time: 23:37
Miles Through June: 1503.74

2009 Vermont 100
Finish Time: 23:27
Miles Through June: 867.58

The tale of three races. In 2008 and 2009 I also ran 100 Miles at McNaughton Park in April, and Massanutten 100 in May. In 2007, I ran just McNaughton.

2013 Vermont 100
Finish Time: ??
Miles Through June: 1260.59 (Predicted)

What does it all mean? Nothing. It means nothing except all that happens on race day. But if I look at these numbers I am very hopeful. In all 3 sub-24 hour years at Vermont, I had run a 100 miler before Vermont. In two years, I had run two 100 milers prior. This year, all 1200 miles are training miles without a 100 miler under my belt for the year. That means I've done 1200 miles of hard focused training. I should enter this years Vermont 100 in the damn near the best shape of my life, and well rested. Chomping at the bit, having run through hell fire and hot heat. Living and training at a mile high, returning to the Green Mountains of Vermont to take on the 100 for my 5th time. I'm truly getting excited.

The time to beat in Vermont is 23:19. I don't know where my heart and soul will take me this year. But I can tell you that I'm more ready, and more wanting this, than any other hundred that I've run.
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