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Heat Wave Alert

Posted May 28 2009 12:21am


I am such a hypocrite! I come from a very warm country and I always whine about how cold the Czech Republic is for me. Well, when the temperatures are finally warm enough for a tan, I am getting a head ache and complaining that there is no AC!

Well, I would rather sit in the festering heat for hours and end up with a headache then stand the cold! I was meant to be a Cali gal! HAHA!

Morning Run Even though it was hard to get out of bed in the AM, I still got my butt outside and headed for a run. I was determined to make this the fastest one yet, and I DID!

I mentally divided each “lap” into sections which I would run at 3/4 speed, and instead of running my usual 6.3 KM, I covered an extra lap i.e. 7.2 KM!

TimeAverage HRHighest HR
41 minutes166 BPM182 BPM

And my stats weren’t that sky-high! I am so happy!

Moran Rambles

Yep, new title! I have a few things to say/mention….bullet point would make it less painful long to read!

  • I drove “the tank” for the first time. I call my ma’s car the tank because it’s so massive (well, at least for me!). My dad should not find out because it has an automatic gear transmission and he does not want me to drive that kind for the first year of my license. He says its bad for my “ instincts ”, which, by the way, are very bad at the moment.

  • I read Jenna’s post on KERF (click here to read) and it was really interesting for me as a quasi European to read her opinions on food and dieting in France, from an American perspective naturally. I do not share many of her views; people here have no idea often what they put in their mouths. There is almost no awareness and though the proportion of girls who count calories is not as high as it is in the US, it is still no excuse for not writing nutritional data on goods. Furthermore, options tend to be very limited here. Granola? Musli? These are extremely calorie dense and a single 30 gram portion would consist of one half of your daily sugar allowance. I am sure there are many pros for croissants every once in a while, but I like to have a variety and be able to make my own choices based on my preferences and not on default. What I do agree with is the amount of walking – we (Czechs) walk everywhere!
  • HOLY BIKINI BODY CHALLENGEholy results, too!!! Guys, it is quite surprising for me, but I checked my hips and waist yesterday and I am down 5 cm from the time I started! I don’t want to post my actual numbers now but I am certainly seeing results!

Celeb Ramble

Of course it is R-Patz related! How can it not be? I am still not getting all the hype, but subconsciously I must be fantasizing over him because I find myself posting and reading about him too much. Ewww it makes me feel so gross….

But it looks like the New Moon producers are getting something right! I was still  a little uncertain and hesitant when I read how much R-Patz they are planning to put into New Moon (read the books, guys, always better than the movies!) and that will make me roll my eyes, regardless, but I just saw set pictures from Italy and the fountain is just like how I imagined it! I guess I have seen too many fountains in too many European cities, hence the “imagination”.

AND NOW – the best part that will make all of you us R-Patz fans droll over the key board ( stolen from Celebrity Gossip )

And some K-Stew, because she is actually quality Hollywood

Ya’ll do realise they are like a 12 hour drive from me at the moment, right? hahaha!

Nighty night!

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