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Heart Rate Monitor Giveaway

Posted Feb 25 2013 7:40am

Everyone is talking about heart rate training these days.  Have you noticed this? It seems to come and go in popularity.

I talked a few weeks ago about starting to experiment with heart rate training, and some of my friends have had great results in their training.  Terzah pr’d her half marathon this fall, and Marcia is running pain-free and stronger than ever.

Monitoring your heart rate is the most accurate measure of exercise intensity and allows you to gauge your improved fitness over time.

I was contacted by the people at Sportline to try a few of their home workout items.  They sent me a heart rate monitor and a Suspension cross trainer.

I’m excited to get the cross trainer set up, and I think it’s something my husband may even use occasionally.  I put the heart rate monitor to use right away.

To be honest, I haven’t gotten in the habit of using a hrm while running.  It would probably benefit me most to ensure that my easy runs are truly easy.  But I’ve started using the heart rate monitor for other workouts- spinning, strength circuits and at-home DVDs.

But I did wear it for fun on Friday’s long run (10 miles).  The distance was close, but not as accurate as the Garmin (better for walking than running, I would assume.)  But the heart rate information was new to me, and it gave me a calorie read which was also new.

I put the watch back on after showering, and it was interesting to watch the after-burn as well. My run said 800-something, and a few hours later it had jumped:

I love numbers, so it’s always fun to get feedback on how a workout went, and so far, running with my Garmin has been the only time I get that feedback.

This particular monitor is the Sportline 965 Heart Rate Monitor.  Some details:

  • Pedometer to count steps
  • Distance mode to measure distance covered
  • Tracks average pace for workout in miles or kilometers
  • Tracks the time for the activity
  • Displays calories burned (as well as calories burned from metabolic functions like breathing and sleeping)

You can also get your heart rate at any time by touching and holding the heart rate sensor.

And Sportline would also love to share a heart rate monitor with one of you!  Use the rafflecopter to enter:

Do you like numbers/data/feedback? Do you use heart rate training?

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