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Hearing Voices

Posted Oct 17 2008 9:13pm

In the final weeks of training and tapering for the Chicago Marathon, I face another challenge—moving through life at home and work without others detecting my hyper focus.  I call it “showing up” undistracted.

My_head_of_ideas_2 Coming across as a marathon maniac doesn’t look good on me.  If I actually say my unharnessed thoughts about the upcoming marathon, others would lose large chunks of their days and go deep into my netherworld.

So I cover up my actual marathon thoughts with more ordinary, conversational chat and let the voices in my head ramble.  What I’d like to say vs. what I actually say looks like this.

Casual Interest

Inquiry: “Tom, you still running these days?”

Response: “Yeah, still getting out there most days.”

Inner Voice: “If you only knew each run is intentional and has a name like easy, long, tempo, pace, and is part of a plan.  And when I’m not running, I’m recovering, which is training!"


Inquiry:   “Do you have any races coming up?”

Response:   “As a matter of fact, I’m running the Chicago Marathon next month.”

Inquiry: No response.

Inner Voice:   "Did you hear me?  It’s the Chicago Marathon, baby!  The biggest, baddest day of running of the year for me!  A weekend pilgrimage of marathon frenzy, the honeymoon of my summer and fall training. My Olympics!"

Genuinely Interested

Inquiry: "That’s great.  How do you hope to run?"

Response:    "Oh, I’d like to run close to fill-in-the-blank with goal time.

Inquiry Follow-up:   “Really?  That’s great.  Good luck.  Hope you have a good time.”

Inner voice:  “Thanks.  If you only knew what’s involved in that.  Means getting into shape after growing another year older.   Means executing a strategy of resting, starting, pacing, and fueling my moving body.  Means managing a vulnerable mind full of thoughts and emotions.  It means returning to the scene of the crime whereI bonkedsome years.

Hands_over_head Most Challenging Inquiry of All

Inquiry: “What outfit will you wear?”

Response: “Oh, I’ll wear shorts and a singlet or t-shirt, depending on the temperature.

Inner Voice: “Easy does it, Tom.  She wants to know brands, styles, and colors.  Don’t jump down her throat.  Don't scream 'Guys don’t call them ‘ outfits!'”

Truthfully,  I’m grateful for any level of interest from my friends, co-workers, and family.
Along the line of inner voices— and aren’t most of our posts our inner voices? —there were many great posts out there this week.

My inner voices are actually fringe benefits of running and anticipating running the marathon.

My ideas on Flickr by Zerohdog

Head in Hands on Flickr by Scootie

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