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Healthworks Workplace Warrior Finale Party

Posted Nov 30 2012 6:08am

Guess what?! My Healthworks Workplace Warrior Challenge team got 2nd place!!!!

Unfortunately not all of my team could make it because of work deadlines or being onsite for work. But remember that we are workplace warriors so we have to dominate the workplace too not just the gym! We divided and conquered!  The girls who got to go to the finale party clearly got the better end of the deal!  We arrived to wine, healthy munchies and smiling faces!  Right away, I saw Kate who is on the marketing team.  I met her in the locker room one day before personal training with Heidi ! Later, I met Lauren who is a fellow BU grad and sorority girl and the Healthworks Corporate Account Manager!

Shortly after, Kate and Lauren led us to the child day care room to announce the winner.  I love when gyms have child care because I know some day when I have kids, I will still want to get a good sweatfest in.  Seeing this is an all women’s gym, it would just be silly not to have this service!  When the girls and I walked in, we immediately thought, “We need to sit at that mini table”.  We acted like mature adults, refrained and anxiously awaited the answers.  While we waited, we snuck a picture of Rosemary with one of the cute toys.  It was battery operated and started walking towards her when she bumped into it by accident!

Before the big winners were announced, they announced two special awards.  One was for the person who made the most progress.  The girl who won lost 9 pounds!!!  My team was really impressed at how much progress she made in such a short period of time!

The second award was for the person who Healthworks thought was most enthusiastic about the Workplace Warrior Challenge-who tweeted, blogged, Facebooked, Instagrammed, etc. about the challenge.  When we heard what the award was, Rosemary whipped out her phone and got the camera ready.  We thought it would be me, but  were trying not to get our hopes up.  If you are a frequent reader of my blog or are Facebook friends with me, you probably had no doubt that I was going to win!!  I jumped and squealed and made Kate and Lauren take a picture with me!  I also felt honored that Kate said that I made her job easier!

So as you can see, it was a good night even though we didn’t win first prize.  My girls are so proud of our team as we stuck through the best and worst moments and are inspired to keep up and improve our fitness levels.  Erin, who hadn’t used her Cambridge location membership in a year, is now visiting the gym multiple times a week!  Aki and Margaret are members of the Coolidge Corner location and are participating in the “Maintain Challenge”.  You have to go to the gym 10 times or more before January 1st and you can get a Puma giftcard!

Healthworks offers so many ways to try to keep you motivated to work out and use your membership!  Now the question is-how many of the non-member Workplace Warrior Challenge members joined?!


Do you like meeting people who are fellow alum?!

Yes! I have some BU spirit! My BU coworkers and I are planning a visit to the BU pub where students used to gather so we can reminisce on the food old days!  I also get pumped when I meet people who were in my sorority! I don’t have any real sisters-so I make my friends my sisters!

Does your company work as a team on fun competitions?

My company participates in a fashion show (working with reps to create innovative clothing), Canstruction (sculptures of cans for a food drive), Toys for Tots (decorate your toy box), actual building design competitions and more!

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