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Healthworks Peak Conditioning with Tara

Posted Nov 16 2012 6:07am

Being away for work has made me miss my sweat fests at Healthworks a whole ton! I was really exhausted from doing field work these past few days for work but I made sure I got up bright and early to join Tara Mazanec for a Peak Conditioning class at the Back Bay Healthworks!  I know…I’m a cheeseball…I wore the shirt I made for Boston Marathon! :)

PS-Do you see the people planking it out behind us?  Well that’s Vinny’s Workplace Warrior team…I was tempted to go do goofy dances and make them laugh so they wouldn’t plank as long but I was nice and refrained.

Anywho-let’s talk about the Peak Conditioning class…When I first entered, I met a woman who was really nice-I think her name was Stella if I remember correctly.  I asked her if she attended the class before and she said yes-it’s intense but it is great.  I later found out that the class is part of a series so the people who attend are regulars which is kind of nice because you build some team morale.

The instructor Tara had noticed right away that myself and another Healthworks Warrior from another team were new to the class.  She asked our fitness level and warned us that it was an intense class-so just be prepared.  I thought it was nice of her to introduce herself and make sure we knew what we were getting into.

After Tara’s disclaimer, we jumped right into a warm up and then hit the mats for our circuits:

Circuit #1
In and outs
In and outs with a Knee Hug
Butterfly Reverse Crunch
V-Up Roll Ups
Oblique V-Ups
Mountain Climbers
Squat- Stationary and Jump

Circuit #2
Man Makers- Basically a renegade row with a half burpee and a squat with curl to press.

Circuit #3
Plate Push
Floor Press
TRX Crunches
Man Makers
Band Walking
Dead Lifts
Jump Rope

Circuit #4
Tabata Dips and Jump Lunges (8 rounds of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest)

Circuit #1 wasn’t too bad for me because I have done P90x Ab Ripper X and these move were all from there, but after circuit #3, I could definitely feel out of breath.  I got tired pushing myself while doing the plate push and then trying to do my best jump roping.  And I definitely felt the pain (in a good way) during our Tabata circuit.  Holy triceps!  Those dips were a lot!

Before I left, I had told Tara about how I wanted to blog about the class and requested her take a picture with me.  She happily took a picture with me and also gave me her card which also had a free one day pass for first time visitors!  I have 3 up for grabs…so if you want one-leave a comment and the first three will get one!

I highly suggest trying to take some sort of class if you are a first time visitor!  If you take one with Heidi, tell her Little Miss Runshine sent you!  My girl  Heidi  will kick your butt especially where she caught me in Tara’s class and asked if I was cheating on her!  No worries girl-I am going to be there next Monday for our personal training!

If you are unsure if you want to join Healthworks, it is ok because you can still experience some of the classes.  Even if you aren’t a member, you can join the Healthworks Burn Challenge or the Drop 10 challenge!  Both of which Heidi and Tara are both coaching for and remind me of the Workplace Warrior Challenge .

After you are done with the challenge I’m sure you will be going through the dilemma of “Do I join or do I not join?!”  It is a little pricier than other gyms but it also has many more classes and it is such a nice facility!  I’ll have to keep you all posted on my decision!  This is especially tough because I decided to quit gyms a few months ago !


If you are a member of Healthworks, what is your favorite thing about the gym?

I am not a member, but I love the classes!  Peak Conditioning was great, I always love my group workouts with Heidi and my Workplace Warriors and I love trying fun new classes like Urban Rebounding !

Are you a member of a gym or do you workout on your own and at home?

I used to be a member of BSC but decided I was going to try to workout at home using online services, research workouts, and use Groupon , Bloomspot , Living Social and other deals!  Now that I have experienced Healthworks, I’m not sure what I am going to do!



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